Interview with Mr. Daniel Harari

Mr. Daniel Harari
Mr. Daniel Harari
Director & Chief Executive Officer

Lectra has recently announced new investments in India. What market potential do you foresee in India?

India is a fast-developing key market for Lectra. We have established a strong position in India, particularly in the apparel, automotive, wind energy, and aerospace markets. The expanding Indian domestic market is contributing to growth in the manufacturing segment, especially in the fashion and automotive industries, where Lectra has developed unrivaled, worldwide, innovative, and extensive knowledge and best practices with leading global brands and suppliers. The Indian manufacturers have now reached a critical size, and they require local expert support to optimize the benefits of using Lectra’s innovative solutions. Our strong involvement will help Indian manufacturers to implement world-class technologies to stay profitable in the current challenging market situation. We will capitalize on Lectra’s added-value solutions and services to create a clear competitive advantage for our customers and help them turn challenges into opportunities. Considering all these factors, we believe there is a strong opportunity for us in India. We are looking at the most aggressive phase of our presence in India: many Indian companies are adopting technology and looking for solutions that are going to facilitate the growth and profitability of their business. As a result, we see huge potential in India and expect to double our customer base over the next three years.

Tell us about Lectra’s 4th International Education Congress. How does it support 3D technologies in fashion industry?

Lectra has always been heavily involved in their education, partnering with more than 850 schools and universities throughout the world. Lectra equips professors and students with its latest technologies and shares best-practices with them to develop training programs that better prepare students for their future careers. We have developed a close network of “Privilege Partners” composed of thirty top schools. Lectra’s Annual Education Congress is the highlight of the projects established by Lectra specifically for its Education “Privilege Partners”. This event is one key element of Lectra’s push to provide active support to education. The 4th edition of our Education Congress gathered directors, deans, and professors, from around the world and emphasized peer-to-peer sharing and support while also honoring teamwork, design, and 3D technologies. 3D technologies represent a major revolution in the way of working in the fashion industry and a real advantage for design and pattern-making departments. It requires a new way of thinking and a different perspective. There are so many advantages to working with 3D for both design and product development that fashion companies will need professionals who fully understand the benefits of using 3D and how to correctly apply these technologies. For this reason, we believe it is very important that future fashion professional assimilate this new technology as soon as possible. This is why we have decided to share, at an early stage, our 3D technology with our education partners and works closely with them to incorporate 3D in their fashion courses. During the event, some of our education partners shared their experience on how they use Modaris V7, Lectra’s pattern-making and 3D virtual prototyping solution, and the benefits it brings to their students. It has led to rich exchanges on how this very innovative solution can be efficiently taught to students.

Kindly elaborate us about Lectra Fashion PLM. How does it cater to the needs of the fashion sector?

For the fashion market in general, we notice a shift in consumer behavior. Consumers want new products more often for trendy looks at a reasonable price. They are also now relying on many distribution and sales channels at the same time; easily shopping either in stores or by e-retail. As a result, many fashion companies are today under enormous pressure to produce interesting styles at lower prices, and to do so faster and more frequently than before. The Indian market is also changing, as it faces a fast growing domestic demand. Thus, it is important for fashion brands, retailers, and manufacturers to quickly address this evolving market situation in an efficient manner in order to capitalize from on seeds of change being planted now. These challenges require a new approach for fashion companies and one that demands an investment in innovation. Lectra Fashion PLM is a solution to leverage talent and boost performance across the fashion development process and supply chain. It pushes back the limits of product lifecycle management by covering all the steps necessary for the creation of collections and bringing together role-based knowledge for product design, product development, and physical and 3D virtual prototyping with tools for planning and management. It helps synchronize the needs of creativity, flexibility, and efficiency in the organization. Modular and scalable, Lectra Fashion PLM meets the needs of medium-sized companies just as well as of large international groups. It can support the major business models in the fashion sector, such as companies who are brand and product oriented, retail and merchandisers, or manufacturing oriented. For almost 40 years, Lectra has managed the complexity of the fashion market. Our PLM solution is a major technological leap forward — we have drawn on best practices developed with customers to profoundly improve upon all the processes the solution covers, making a real difference to the entire value chain. For our customers this means better collaboration, time and costs savings, and, ultimately, increased competitiveness. Lectra Fashion PLM allows fashion companies to deliver the right product, at the right time and at the right price.
Published on: 19/03/2012

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