Interview with Mr Juha Laurio

Mr Juha Laurio
Mr Juha Laurio
President & CEO
Lindström Group
Lindström Group

For global market of Workwear, what is your count on its size and potential? What share Lindstrom holds in this business?

We feel, that in a growing world of regulations also requirements for cleanliness and hygiene increase constantly. Today also security factors at the workplace are a higher issue, even a “Board agenda”. Lindström sees the companies’ wish to improve product quality through hygiene and satisfied personnel a big opportunity for business.

More than one million of employees in 19 countries are wearing daily Lindström work wear and companies are saving time and money by using our Full Service Concept. Our service is suitable for all all industries and sizes of companies that have employees with work wear needs.

Lindström is amongst the 10 biggest European companies in this industry. It is a market leader in many Eastern European countries, and so far – the only active operator present in India.

How is competition in your line of operations? What helps Lindstrom to be ahead of other contenders?

Our biggest competition – by far – are traditions of taking care (or not taking care) of employee work wear. We are glad that the market in India has been open to our service concept.

We are a proactive creator of new products. We have one of the largest design teams in the industry – products today must fit, follow security guidance’s and support at the same time client-company image.

We are in this business as a long term partner creating value service quality that facilitates daily work.

Your Group has recently launched Mumbai operations. What is rationale behind this expansion particularly in India?

Lindström is expanding geographical coverage constantly in a number of countries as we speak. Our growth in India has been fast, but we yet see a lot of new business potential in several business sectors such as: Food&Beverages, Restaurand&Catering, Electronic and Pharma Clusters. Our services are also suitable for the Automotive -- as well as very heavy industries.

Acquisition and merger seems to be mainstay strategy for Lindstrom. Isn’t it?

Lindström has a unique modular concept that enables Green Field investments at a fast pace – also in areas where no-one has earlier provided highly specialized, modern work wear services. That is to say we usually are also first in the market. This is the key to Lindström’s fast geographical growth – not acquisitions.

Also, as a family company, our investments are based on income financing. We have a very solid economical foundation to our operations and we usually come to stay. We emphasize in our values, that want to create solid, long-term client relations and want to grow organically also in the future – also in India.

Impacts on the environment and waste treatment are being more regulated than previously in our society. Being in this field, which challenges threatening these concerns are being faced by players of your kind? What helps Lindstrom to contribute to this league?

Textile Services are “Recycle Services” of pure nature. We provide the textiles used by the company as well as a total process through service, including our own waste water management plants.

Lindström has been monitoring and reporting its environmental impacts for 25 years and is a forerunner in overall Sustainability Reporting. We publish annually our corporate report, where we report about our global water and energy consumption as well as waste recycling. We even recycle our washing water to save energy – to even reduce more of our carbon footprint.

Our concept of sustainability includes economical, ecological and social responsibility – this is taking into account not only the environment, but also employee satisfaction and safety as well as product security. We also have a very strict policy for our subcontractors -- our own service providers. This way we can promise our clients a truly all-around sustainable solution that lasts hard scrutiny or audits – inside out.

Published on: 05/07/2010

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