Interview with Juha Laurio

Juha Laurio
Juha Laurio
President and CEO
Lindstrom Group
Lindstrom Group

The key is that the costs of the new features are less than added value for the customers.
Juha Laurio, President and CEO of Lindstrom Group talks on various subjects related to the textile industry, as he speaks to Fibre2Fashion Correspondent Manushi Gandhi. Synopsis: Lindstrom Group has its headquaters in Finland and was established in 1848. It is a leading multinational B-to-B textile services provider. Today it operates in 21 countries. It offers mat, hygiene, towel, workwear, restaurant textile, personal protective equipment services. Juha Laurio is the President and CEO of Lindstrom Group since March 2008. He has helped the group achieve a considerable growth with his management experience. Prior to Lindstrom, Mr. Laurio was working as President at Perlos Group. He holds a Master of Science degree in Technology, Mechanical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology. Excerpts:

You are a B-to-B textile services provider. Can you please elaborate the term "B-to-B textile services provider"? What are the various types of textile services required by your clients?

We provide comprehensive workwear service for other businesses. For any company or business that requires its employees to wear any kind of workwear, we are providing a full workwear service based on weekly rental fee. What this means is that we provide our customers with not only the garments but also design of collection, fitting, washing, repairs, warehousing and delivery of the garments – and at the end of the day the disposal of the garments. The service is based on a rental concept in which the customer is freed from making capital investment and customer is paying weekly rental only for the garments needed at the moment. At the same time the customer’s personnel is enjoying tidy, practical and good-looking workwear.

What is the scope for restaurant textile services and workwear textile services?

Textile services outlook is very positive. Our clients want to focus on their core competence and outsource textile service to a professional company in order to make their every-day life easier. The beauty of our business is that companies in all businesses and companies of all sizes are our potential customers. We are operating with a unique concept and seek to further strengthen our foothold in India.

Do you feel that we still need advancement in the process of recycling textiles?

Of course. We are constantly looking for alternatives to more efficient use of textiles and recycling innovations for the worn-out garments. Our vision target is to recycle 90% of textile waste by the year 2016. Currently the recycle rate is 73%.

Have you ever thought of entering the B-to-C segment?

Our concept is designed for B-to-B segment. We are experiencing such a nice growth with this segment and outlook is very positive. Therefore we want to focus to B-to-B segment.

Which are the regions that have maximum potential to give you better business and why?

We see business opportunities everywhere where there are companies using workwear. We also value customers of all sizes. Naturally in big industrial cities there are more potential customers and therefore we have established our operations so far in India to Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Panchkula. We also see it important to have a comprehensive network across India as some of our customers have operations also across India. India is very interesting market as Indian companies are very open for new ideas like our unique service concept.
Published on: 11/07/2013

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