Interview with Mr. Tomas Sonntag

Mr. Tomas Sonntag
Mr. Tomas Sonntag
MD, Fareast Asia
Logwin AG
Logwin AG

How do you see the Asian market in terms of fashion and textile logistics? Do you think that fashion and textile logistics service providers in general have a huge scope in Asia?

Asia will continue to remain important for the industry, however with different prospects. China, for example, has played a significant role as a consumer of luxury goods and fashion labels for some time now, and its importance as a place of cheap production is diminishing. Rising purchasing power in Asia is resulting in an increasing demand for logistics, with large growth in transport within Asia and a relocation of industry – away from the coastal regions of China to the interior or to other countries such as Taiwan, Bangladesh or even India. The flows of goods are therefore shifting and it remains to be seen if strong growth will continue.

What is the one thing that you would like to change in Logwin Logistics? Why?

There is no "one thing" that I would like to change. All in all I would like us, as a company operating around the world, to strengthen the interpersonal contacts among our employees and to create the atmosphere of closeness and trust that we have built up within individual national organizations.

What is the one thing that you would like to change in the global fashion and textile logistics industry? Why?

Please do not get me wrong, but it would be presumptuous of me to want to change something there. Logistics is a service that at best represents what the customer wants. Customer wishes have their own dynamic, and if they do things in a similar way over a certain period certain patterns emerge which make everything more predictable and calculable for us. Of course, it is more pleasant to work with foresight than to be suddenly confronted with a new challenge. On the other hand, it is part of our competence to provide a flexible response to current needs.
Published on: 29/01/2013

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