Interview with Mark Burstein

Mark Burstein
Mark Burstein
President & Chief Strategy Officer
NGC Software
NGC Software

How do you see your technology sync itself with developments in the tech space, especially with reference to IoT and AI?

IoT and AI or machine learning are promising.  When companies encounter unexpected obstacles within the supply chain, the ability for technology to recommend optimal resolution is a high priority at NGC.  Most companies are still in the early stages of understanding how these technologies will fit into their current processes. As with other industry-changing technology such as EDI and RFID, the full benefit will be realised once all supply chain partners embrace it.

What will future PLM solutions provide?

PLM solutions of the future must bring together all global departments and users into a single connected enterprise, which is exactly what our Andromeda cloud platform does. Andromeda provides a single platform with core PLM and supply chain functionality that can centralise and share information created in any other legacy PLM, ERP, SCM, Planning and Point-of-Sale solutions. It brings together all departments - merchandising, product development, sourcing, compliance, purchasing, production, quality, logistics, marketing and sales - into a single cloud-based solution that connects all users with their global vendors, suppliers and other providers.

Where is the demand the most from the Asian region? Which are your biggest markets and upcoming ones?

Our biggest source of demand in Asia is working with the sourcing offices of large global brands in Asian hubs such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and other major apparel centres. Many of these brands are headquartered in the United States of America and Europe, but the centre of influence is in Asia.

How is your latest offering Andromeda Vendor Compliance, launched last month, being received?

Andromeda Vendor Compliance has been very well received. NGC is seeing tremendous interest from some of the industry's largest brands and retailers in adopting new solutions such as Andromeda Vendor Compliance for streamlining and managing vendor onboarding, CSR, and Good Manufacturing Practices.

What are the future plans at NGC Software?

NGC is expanding the Andromeda platform at a rapid pace. We will be introducing a series of products this summer built on Andromeda as we enhance and extend NGC's cloud-based product offering.

Please share details of the last two fiscal years and your expectations from the next two.

NGC has experienced tremendous growth over the past two years, specifically within the mid-to-large size apparel brands and retailers.  With the 2017 release of Andromeda in a multi-tenant cloud environment, we expect to see significant growth with Tier 1 companies that would like to keep their legacy PLM solutions and use Andromeda to fill gaps within their current process and share information throughout the extended supply chain.

Published on: 06/06/2017

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