Interview with Wolfgang Mueller

Wolfgang Mueller
Wolfgang Mueller
Head-Sales & Marketing
Mayer & Cie
Mayer & Cie

Asia is at the moment the most important market for us
Mayer & Cie (MCT), a global market leader in the field of circular knitting machines from Germany's Swabian Jura area, is the custodian of many patents and claims to have revolutionised the automated circular knitting process. With over 95 per cent of its machines exported mainly to Asia, and starting with Turkey via India and Bangladesh to Indonesia, China, America, Europe and Africa, it has lined up investments to the tune of 4 million euro for this year. In 2014, group sales were just below 90 million euro, about 5 per cent higher than the previous year. The classic family-owned business, headquartered in Albstadt and now led by the fourth generation of the Mayer family, has more than 400 employees worldwide. Wolfgang Mueller, Head-Sales & Marketing at Mayer & Cie, talks to about the company's plans and strategies.

What is the size of the market for circular knitting machines? What is the pie that Mayer would like to claim for itself?

According to rough estimates it should be around 500,000 circular knitting machines. Roughly 45,000 circular knitting machines of Mayer & Cie are still in production worldwide. We shipped our 70,000th machine in May this year since the founding of the company in 1905.

Which are your top three markets?

Mayer & Cie's single-most important market is Turkey (210 machines sold there in 2014 with a total value of around 16 million euro), followed by China (2nd) and India (3rd). In India, around 190 machines with a value of around 7.5 million euro were sold in 2014.

Which are the new markets that you are exploring or planning to explore in the near future?

Asia is at the moment the most important market for us. We have high quality single and double jersey machines for all kind of fabrics and applications with best product quality and high outputs at a fair price. This covers the customer requirements.

What are the challenges that machinery-makers face? What are your steps to overcome those?

High production, high quality and very versatile machines at the same time and this at the lowest possible price. Based on these requirements we have redefined our machinery programme. We offer various types for the same fabric style. e.g. for single jersey depending on the focus of our customers we offer seven different machine types covering the range of expectations between highest single jersey production, most versatile single jersey and single structure production up to very economic single jersey machinery. Machine-type segmentation is the key word.
Published on: 18/11/2015

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