Interview with Mr Natwarlal Patel

Mr Natwarlal Patel
Mr Natwarlal Patel
Co-founder and MD
Meghmani Group
Meghmani Group

How do you see the growth of Indian Textile Chemicals Industry?

The Indian Textile Chemicals Industry will grow more faster than the global market because of the following reasons:- (i) India is now out of the international quota regime therefore our textile manufactures have more opportunities across the globe which in turn induce them for expansion of their production capacities(ii) Government of India has also identified textile industry as a major trust area therefore allotted more than Rs. 40,000 crore under TUF programme for technology updation and modernization of textile industry.(iii) In India per capita consumption of textile products is increasing year after year.

Can you point out major challenges a Textile Chemicals manufacturer like yours face originating from India?

We are importing major raw material from the overseas market therefore some times we face raw material problems on two count (i) timely supply of raw material and (ii) price fluctuations.

The other challenge before us is non availability of basic infrastructure facilities like transportation, communications, road, port and logistics etc. as per international standard therefore increasing our overall cost thus finally making us less-competitive in the international market.

What are your comments on Rupee Appreciation?

We believe, all manufacturers should be prepared for rupee strengthening against dollar. We expect Indian Economy to remain buoyant for coming decades.

What are your views on REACH and how prepared is your company on its compliance front?

We view REACH regulations with a positive frame of mind. This will bring lot of discipline within Indian Manufacturers. The genuine manufacturer will stand to benefit out of this.

We have our office in Belgium and that is our biggest plus point. We are internally gearing up ourselves to prepare for REACH.

It is a known fact that Chemicals pose a major threat to our environment. How does Meghmani mitigate and overcome such detrimental factors to ensure pollution free and environment-friendly products make it to the marketplace?

As a diligent corporate citizen the Meghmani group is proactive to its responsibilities towards the society. It has a sound environmental protection policy which includes environmental monitoring mechanisms like periodic environment audits by internationally reputed agencies. We carry out regular Health, Safely and Environment Audits.

Besides, all our plants are ISO 9001 compliant. We use environment friendly and government approved solvents in our manufacturing process.

Looking ahead at the coming decade, what is your vision for the global textile chemicals industry?

Our immediate priority is to go for backward and forward integration of dyes manufacturing business so that we should increase our dyes business share to the extent of 10%-12% in the domestic as well as international market in the coming years.

As the textile industry is on the consolidation phase therefore we would like to provide the full package to the industry which will not only includes dye stuffs but also includes various types of textiles auxiliaries and Optical brighteners.

Published on: 07/01/2008

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