Interview with Gregorio Valli

Gregorio Valli
Gregorio Valli

In accessories, customer needs should be addressed promptly
For almost 60 years, Metalbottoni have been leaders in the world of accessories for casual and fashion clothing. The company offers a vast range of buttons, rivets, buckles and badges with authentic Italian style. Gregorio Valli , CEO of Metalbottoni, converses about the company's latest offerings and the importance of R&D.

Metalbottoni has a legacy of over 60 years. How has the company evolved over six decades?

The company was founded in 1959. Initially, only aluminum buttons were produced, and then in the late 1960s, brass button printing was introduced. The headquarters have always been in Chiuduno (Bergamo) and the original building was enlarged in the 1980s due to the growth of activities. The company grew rapidly and consistently over time, combining the great vocation to craftsmanship with constant attention to new technologies. Expansion abroad began in the 1990s. Nowadays, the third generation is stepping in, in a company that is increasingly focusing on managerial management accounting, aimed to maintain its core values.

Please give us an overview of the different types of accessories manufactured by your company.

We produce a wide range of accessories: jeans buttons, snap buttons, rivets, buckles but also badges, hooks, rings and labels. We currently have six product lines:

1. Monster, dedicated to denim world with buttons, rivets, badges and buckles;
2. Labora, a collection of accessories dedicated to fashion and pret-à-porter;
3. Shirting, a range of buttons and cuff-links for shirts in five different materials;
4. Gummix, a range of accessories created through rubber or silicone fusion processes with textile materials. This system is also a Metalbottoni exclusive patent;
5. Leather Accessories, labels combined with different materials using various techniques including metal, leather, recycled leather, microfibre, synthetic leather, all guaranteed and certified;
6. Gravita, the collection dedicated to the world of sportswear with a special focus on snap buttons, launched in 2017. A line that is the result of constant research and development of new technologies. All products of the Gravita collection are patented.

What is the USP of your accessories? What sets them apart from their competitors?

Heritage, passion, creativity and innovation are our keywords that combine with an excellent customer care service, which is recognised by our clients as strength, along with our product quality and segmentation. We assist the customer at every stage of the sale, from the choice of the solution that best suits the garments, to prototyping and testing services. We believe that innovation, as an output of research and technology development, is a very important driver to compete on market: the in-house technical office drives the R&D activities, while the style office monitors new developments and market trends in an integrated approach, guided by the inspiration for excellence.

From where do you source your raw material?

We buy raw material in Italy.  We choose and check continuously our suppliers in order to guarantee the best quality standards and a production compliant with EU and international rules.

How do you see your market segment growing in the next 5-10 years both locally and internationally?

This is a very competitive market, where demand is more fragmented. Hence, accessories producers must be able to offer a wide and comprehensive array of products. Moreover, it is very important to be able to answer promptly and quickly to customer's needs. In today's scenario, customer care is a fundamental added value for the market. The Italian market experiments the same global market situation. Furthermore, we can definitely notice an increasing attention towards price that now involves high-end market as well.
Published on: 28/07/2017

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