Interview with Panos Sofianos

Panos Sofianos
Panos Sofianos
Denim Curator
Munich Fabric Start
Munich Fabric Start

What is the focus on sustainability at Bluezone? Is any brief given to exhibitors on this?

At Munich Fabric Start, we offer a professional platform for the textile and fashion industry, where the sustainability theme has been presented, highlighted and discussed with the most diverse approaches and from most diverse angles for many years. We welcome and support the increasing development of conscious and environmentally friendly production in the individual stages with great commitment. At Bluezone, transparency, responsible production processes and ethical conduct in production and marketing are, therefore, high on the agenda. 

The NextTex Innovations Showcase by Sourcebook x Munich Fabric Start presents companies and innovators in the fields of circular systems, advanced manufacturing, biotech materials and textile interfaces at Keyhouse. FashNerd makes smart products tangible and provides a virtual insight into the wardrobe of tomorrow with exclusive, consumer-ready fashion tech products. ReSource, as a new, comprehensive sustainability concept, reinterprets sustainability in a new and holistic way in its own space in the MOC (Munich Order Centre). With ReSource and the Sustainable Innovations Forum, we offer targeted areas for sustainable product development. In addition, there is also a packed line-up of top-class trend seminars, panel discussions and workshops on offer. 

Munich Fabric Start's strong commitment to future textiles is also reflected in the presentation of the HighTex Award, the innovation prize, as an award for outstanding product and process solutions.  

What are the opportunities of AI in denim?

AI will change the processes and procedures in the industry. A responsible and very conscious approach is called for here so as to customise the message as well for the people in the companies. However, the revolution of industry by AI offers opportunities for the design of future workflows that cannot yet be fully grasped. AI could make industry more efficient and greener. We will discuss this aspect with leading brands and experts. Not only in the denim segment, but across all products.

The second conference 'patterns X.O' on the first day of the trade fair, 4 September 2018, promises new insights under the headline: Digitalisation of the value chain. The future of the fashion industry.  

What are the opportunities of AI in denim?

What are the key trends in denim? What would be your predictions for S/S 19 in terms of fabric composition, finishes, colours, and innovations? What news can we expect at Bluezone in September?

Perpetuum Blue, this season's Bluezone theme stands for the ever-changing business of denim, for the new excitement in denim, coming from different price-levels, new destinations, or "re-invented" destinations.

The spotlight of the denim industry shows giants going micro and unknowns turning into big players. Times and rules are changing. Taking your position for granted is not possible anymore. The denim business seems to have become the art of a non-stop reassessment. All actors have to be one step ahead, aware that anything could endanger their leading position. Who are the new brands/leaders to replace the old "chapter 11" brands? Which innovation, mill, new producer countries, opportunities and more makes the new heroes in trending denim? Perpetuum Blue is the eternal motion, a never-ending process about the evolution of the Blue. 

Bluezone will highlight the impossible as the ordinary showcasing the most recent developments of fabrics, fibres, colours, textures, end-uses, functions, properties or processing. With a focus on transparency, sustainability, creative smartness and holistic synergies, Bluezone is the place to experience denim beyond seasons and rediscover a leading path of innovation. 

Will Bluezone become larger next year? What are the future plans for Blue Zone and Munich Fabric Start?

We have already expanded in terms of area in the past, always with a view to even sounder specialisation and thematic deepening within the respective segments. We will continue to pursue this strategy in the future. Keyhouse is a vibrant and powerful centre of expertise. Bluezone is one of the world's most important denim and sportswear shows. And with the comprehensive portfolio at the MOC we are providing one of the largest international spectrums in the fields of fabrics and additionals. We are well positioned for future challenges.  (HO)
Published on: 13/07/2018

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