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Sebastian Klinder
Sebastian Klinder
Managing Director
Munich Fabric Start
Munich Fabric Start

Call for new awareness
Munich Fabric Start is a leading international trade fair that opens the new season twice annually with a vast selection of collections ranging from plains to haute couture fabrics and accessories. More than 1,000 international suppliers from 40 countries, including many renowned fabric and accessories manufacturers, present some 1,800 collections here. Managing director Sebastian Klinder talks excitedly about the highlights and macro themes just days before the autumn/winter edition to be held from September 4-6, 2018.

What are the broad themes for Munich Fabric Start September 2018?

Obviously, the undeniable main themes at Munich Fabric Start are the over 1,800 collections of more than 1,200 suppliers for autumn/winter season 19/20. The focus of this high-quality, discerning performance offensive is on the latest fabric innovations, fascinating finishes for prints and weaves as well as on special textural design of the most state-of-the-art functional fabrics-in addition to the most important fabric patterns and material combinations. Another centrepiece at Munich Fabric Start is the ever-growing additionals segment. Currently, more than 200 suppliers present their product portfolio in Halls 1+2 every season. The product range extends from buttons, ribbons, rhinestones, fasteners and linings to an individual or complete-solutions labelling and branding service. Meeting with a great deal of interest is the independent design studios exhibition format on the first floor. Leading international textile designers and trend bureaus present their latest ideas for patterns, prints and designs.

Which countries beyond Europe have suppliers/exhibitors represented at the trade fair?

Together with Bluezone and Keyhouse, Munich Fabric Start is posting a continual rise in international attendance in terms of both exhibitors and visitors, thereby underlining its position on the international trade fair scene. Strongly represented alongside Germany are Italy, France, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland, as well as Turkey. These are joined by strong representations from China, India, Pakistan, South Korea and Japan. We are really delighted with the growing international flair of Munich Fabric Start across the board, which is also noticeable at View Premium Selection that is usually held several weeks before the leading fair. The edition held in July 2018 was the strongest in its 10-year history with a significant 17 per cent rise in visitor numbers. 

Which innovative projects will be displayed at the fair?

Keyhouse, a unique, interactive centre of innovation and expertise, has been set up three years ago and has developed incredible dynamism. Here, international experts and leading development firms present future-oriented and business-relevant concepts that are highly innovative in nature. These include themes revolving around sustainability innovations, smart textiles, future fabrics, new technologies, bionomics and macro trends. 
New at the forthcoming Munich Fabric Start is ReSource, an extended sourcing platform at the MOC as the next dimension of sustainability for innovative and future-oriented production. Featured in its own dedicated area ReSource will showcase textile innovations in the following categories: natural/organic, recycled, regenerative, innovative, denim, leather & leather alternatives.

The extent of Munich Fabric Start's commitment in this field is demonstrated by the bi-annual presentation of the specially initiated HighTex Award as an innovation prize for future-oriented developments with guaranteed process realisation. 
Which innovative projects will be displayed at the fair?

What top trends in terms of fabric composition, colour schemes, and textures will be popular for A/W 19-20?

The overarching trend theme for autumn/winter 19/20 is Brave New World. Coupled with a call for a new awareness, living out your emotions, standing up for your ideals and rediscovering things in their entirety. All this in the force field of high fashion vs no-fashion, futurist vs realist. Translated in terms of fabrics for autumn/winter 19/20 this means: light and airy volumes meet brushed, fluffy textures complemented by imitation fur of all kinds as well as suede, flock prints and cord. Other highlights are jacquards and animated surface finishes. The new fashion items include dark iridescent, holograms and winter neons. Dominating the print department alongside abstract designs is visually contrasting motifs. New additions to the colour scheme are intensive colours through to neons. The dominance of green in varying shades continues unabated. Neutrals remain on the scene. The dark palette is varied, ranging from violet, blue and brown through to green, anthracite and petrol.

What percentage of exhibitors/manufacturers/suppliers showcase sustainable fabrics/products? What percentage do smart/intelligent fabric suppliers occupy at the fair?

In the recent past, the range of sustainable products has risen significantly. These products are increasingly the focus of novel process solutions and awareness campaigns. We support this development among our partners in the industry and offer an innovative platform in the form of Keyhouse to raise awareness about this complex theme. Awareness and sensitivity about this future-oriented segment is rising. In percentage terms, this is certainly still a small segment compared to 'conventional' fabrics and additionals, but we do not have specific percentages.
Published on: 30/08/2018

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