Interview with Deepak Chiripal

Deepak Chiripal
Deepak Chiripal
Nandan Denim
Nandan Denim

What percentage of the overall denim market would Nandan Denim like to claim for itself? By what percentage is this likely to increase, and within what time frame?

Currently, denim capacity in India is 1.2 billion metres per annum. Out of this, production capacity is 1 billion metres per annum, considering 85 per cent to 90 per cent utilisation. Nandan Denim commands a capacity of 99 million metres per annum as on 30 September 2015, which translates into nearly 10 per cent of the Indian denim industry. India has a 10 per cent share in the global denim market, which translates into 1 per cent share of Nandan Denim in the global denim market. One out of every 100 people in the world uses our fabric.

What are the new styles, designs and product innovations that we can expect from Nandan Denim in its new collections?

Nandan Denim supplies products through an unmatched portfolio of customers across the globe. The reach of our distribution network motivates us to continuously explore products which are forward-looking and bind us to different apparel brands. We also innovate. Our strategy is to have a portfolio of hybrid brands, straddling across consumer segments and price points. The company has set up an in-house creative design studio and product development cell. This studio is managed by a team of designers and technocrats from India's premier art and design, textiles and technology learning and research institutions. The cell's continuous focus is on creating and sustaining new market trends, fashion and product requirements which meet customers' needs in order to have a larger share in the sales pie. Fashion, being a subjective matter, will continue to drive product innovations and styles to increase comfort and fashion quotient of the users.

What does the Indian denim industry require?

We are blessed with raw material like cotton and a huge domestic market that offers ample opportunities to each of the players for growth. However, technological obsolescence forces some players to confine themselves to their costs and product innovations. The industry needs to regularly upgrade its machines or technology to remain relevant in the fashion centric industry. In the world of denim, only the one with the most flexible technology will be able to innovate and survive. Essentially, it means R&D alone won't make one grow. One needs to spend to remain relevant, particularly in the domestic market where the market is still at an evolving stage.
Published on: 21/12/2015

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