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Sagee Aran
Sagee Aran
Head of Global Marketing

Largest manufacturer of premium nylon 6.6 for apparel
With headquarters in Israel, privately owned Nilit is a manufacturer of polyamide (nylon) 6.6 yarns for apparel applications. Sagee Aran, Head of Global Marketing, Nilit, spoke to Paulami Chatterjee about the factors which are contributing to growth of Nilit's nylon yarns, the latest trends in the nylon industry and the sustainability initiatives being promoted by the company.

What are the factors contributing to the growth of your nylon yarns for apparel applications?

Our premium nylon 6.6 yarns create fabrics with incredible softness, outstanding functionality, and significant durability. These factors combine to address the conscious consumer's desire for long lasting, high quality performance apparel that feels good and looks good for years to come. Add to that the growing demand for more conscientious textiles, and our Sensil portfolio offers the largest assortment of responsibly manufactured, sustainably designed performance and fashion nylon 6.6 products on the market today. 

Where does Nilit rank today in worldwide nylon market? What are your major strengths as a company?

Nilit is the largest manufacturer of premium nylon 6.6 for apparel in the world. We take our market leadership role very seriously. We operate with integrity and honesty, investing in our employees and innovative technologies to produce the highest quality products at our environmentally and socially responsible facilities. Our global manufacturing and distribution locations enable us to provide outstanding customer service to the worldwide apparel market.

Who are the founders of Nilit and when was the company founded? What is your employee strength as on date?

Nilit was founded in 1969 by Ennio Levi to create advanced, customised nylon 6.6 innovations for customers around the world. With expertise in polymerisation, as well as spinning and texturing, Nilit offers a comprehensive range of high quality products and services for apparel applications. Operating in more than 70 countries, Nilit today has around 1,000 employees.

What are your patent products for the textile industry and what are their applications like?

Our products' intellectual property comes in different forms including patents in various performance attributes such as cooling, thermal regulation, dyeing capabilities, recycling, and others.

How do you differentiate your products against competition?

Nilit's competitive advantages come from investing to understand the needs of the market, which enables us to support brands and retailers with meaningful nylon 6.6 innovations that respond to consumer demands. We develop engaging concepts based on our research and align our products to attitudes, trends, and expectations consumers have for their apparel today. 

Our portfolio offers the broadest range of performance and fashion products, all responsibly manufactured under our Total Product Sustainability programme. The exceptional craftsmanship and functionality of our premium nylon 6.6 yield apparel that is high quality, long lasting, soft, and beautiful, all attributes that provide a sustainable solution that is good for people and planet.

Which markets do you operate in? Any new market you would like to tap?

Nilit produces premium nylon 6.6 products for the entire apparel market from lingerie and hosiery to performance apparel, outerwear, ready to wear, and fashion. We also serve the accessories and footwear markets. With our customers, we are expanding applications of our performance products to many new markets. 

Our industrial division engineers polymer products for a multitude of applications in injection moulding, profile extrusion, and film blowing and casting.

What sustainable initiatives is your brand promoting nowadays?

Nilit has significantly increased our investment in sustainability initiatives over the past several years. We first looked internally and made substantial changes to further reduce emissions, water use, and waste. Our new cogeneration plant powers our facility in Israel as well as provides clean energy to the neighbouring community. We undergo third party certifications such as HIGG and GRI to ensure we exceed the highest standands in the industry. Next, we focused on our product portfolio with the intent of designing products that truly advance sustainability. We recently launched several new Sensil products specifically designed to help the apparel industry address its most pressing environmental challenges. Sensil WaterCare eliminates 100 per cent of the water used in the traditional wet dyeing process and Sensil BioCare has a special additive that enables it to degrade substantially more rapidly than other synthetic fibres in oceans and landfills. We are collaborating with like-minded partners to get these sustainable products out to the apparel market in response to rapidly growing consumer demands for more responsible apparel.

What are the environmentally responsible products you are developing under your Sensil brand?

In addition to Sensil WaterCare and Sensil BioCare, we also offer Sensil EcoCare, a premium nylon 6.6 product made with recycled raw materials. Our sustainable product development approach is guided by the environmental challenges that our customers and the apparel industry faces like waste elimination, water use reduction, and incorporation of more recycled content. Also, we make sure that all of our Sensil products are responsibly made according to our Total Product Sustainability standards. We want our Sensil products to form the basis for appealing, responsibly made apparel designs that address consumer demands for performance and quality and become favourites that last for years and years.
Published on: 09/06/2021

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