Interview with Mr Steen Riisgaard

Mr Steen Riisgaard
Mr Steen Riisgaard
President & CEO
Novozymes A/S
Novozymes A/S

How is current market for bio-solutions business in the select industry?

Enzymes are extensively used in many different parts of textile production processes. Enzymes work as catalysts to improve the production of garments and fabrics in terms quality, working environment, environmental aspects and costs. Enzymes are also important elements to create different finishes, and therefore, supporting new fashion trends. The use of microorganisms in textiles is more recently developed mainly in waster water treatment.

How do you make your's an environment friendly business line?

Enzymes are environmentally friendly alternatives to the industry. It is well proved that enzymes can replace hazardous chemicals, save energy and water, and are biodegradable. Novozymes is proud to contribute to the eco-friendly development in the textile industry.

How does Novozymes differentiate itself from those equal in its standing?

As market leaders in textiles, Novozymes applies a significant amount of resources in R&D to continuously bring innovations and breakthroughs in the industry. We also ensure strong brand awareness as our brands stand for high quality, effectiveness and innovation.

How would you like to comment on the rationale behind your latest acquisition of Biocon? How prospective is Indian market?

Novozymes acquisition of Biocon´s enzyme business strengthens its position as global market leader. India is an attractive market for Novozymes as there has been strong growth in the past years driven by macro economic developments. Enzyme use is still in it’s infancy with growing awareness of enzyme potential and benefits. Novozymes takes over a strong distribution setup, application development and local market knowledge adding to our existing presence in India, which would otherwise have been difficult and time-consuming to build.

Are you planning further product extension in textile sector?

We aim to keep expanding our product line and applications in the coming years. We hope to continuously contribute to the sustainable development of the textile industry in the years to come.

Published on: 29/10/2007

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