Interview with Mr Krishan Dhawan

Mr Krishan Dhawan
Mr Krishan Dhawan
Managing Director
Oracle India Pvt Ltd
Oracle India Pvt Ltd

Oracle, the pioneer in database technology and applications in enterprises throughout the world, is the leading global supplier of software for information management and world's second largest independent software company. With its headquarters in the United States, Oracle is the first software company that developed and deployed 100 percent internet-enabled enterprise software across its entire product line: database, business applications, and application development and decision support tools. More than fifteen years ago, before India was recognized as the dynamic force in Information Technology, Oracle was the first multinational software company to set up operations in India. Beginning with a distributorship through Tata Consultancy Services in 1987, Oracle established direct operations with a liaison office in 1991. In 1993, Oracle India Private Ltd was formed, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oracle Corp, that focuses on sales and marketing of Oracle software in India. Managing Director of Oracle India Private Limited, Mr Krishan Dhawan is at the helm of the overall business performance of Oracle in the Indian market. He joined Oracle in March 2005 and brings with him more than 25 years of management experience in India and across the globe. Before joining Oracle, Mr Dhawan worked for 23 years with Bank of America- North America, rendering responsibilities in various senior executive capacities, including Managing Director for International Corporate Banking based in Los Angeles, Senior Vice-President of Asia Corporate and Investment Banking in Hong Kong and as Head of the Corporate Bank in India. He is a graduate in Economics, St. Stephen's College -University of Delhi. He completed his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He is an invited member of the CII National Committee and on Nasscom committee for Domestic IT. In a chat with Face2Face, Mr Krishan Dhawan shares more on current and future trends in SMEs sector; Oracle's business solutions to offer in conformity; and its strategy to confront challenges that remain.

What solutions does Oracle offer to Indian entities?

We at Oracle India, offer every single solution that the company offers all over the world as well. It is a complete suite of enterprise solutions that ranges from Database to Middleware to Applications.

It is the most comprehensive suite of solutions offered by any company in the world. Most of our competitors operate in one of these three spaces, or may be two, but nobody operates in all these three.

Recent research conducted by ITC indicates that SMEs will contribute almost 50% to the ERP applications marketing 2007 in India. So how do you propose to capitalize on this opportunity?

Well, we are capitalizing on it by focusing and updating a separate business. And by making available alternate provisions of products that are most suitable to small enterprises, are less complicated, easy to implement, less expensive, and are in line with the less complex needs that medium size business has.

We are nourishing this business such that initially, we were located in six major metropolitan cities. Now, we have points in presence in seventeen other cities across the country for we believe that there are too many of the medium size businesses that are already willing as well as able to grow technologically and would like quality in all their operations.

How is Oracle’s fourth largest market in Asia shaping up?

It is doing very well. We are being benefited from the strong level of economic activity and growth that the economy is exhibiting and has been expecting last several years. And, we hope this is expected to continue in future too. In addition, we are being benefited from within that overall growth. We believe a larger focus on IT and its recognition of how IT can help Indian companies improve productivity and competitiveness has enabled to compete in much more, both to domestic and global market as well.

In future, which key areas Oracle would like to map and address in terms of offering solutions?

Well, its multi-dimensional question although through, and it is both by product, by industry and also by market segment. In general, India is seeing good economy growth across all sectors. Our traditional areas of strength and strong performance have been the banking sector, telecom sector, government sector and manufacturing sector as well. So, indeed we are continuing at full speed ahead.

We believe the government sector is sort of less penetrated or less used to deploy IT solutions to meet needs when compared with more developed countries where the government is amongst the biggest user of IT. So, we feel that there is lot of potential in government space. We are doing a lot, but we think there is much more to do.

And in terms of solutions, as you know, our main product which additionally has been a database product on the top of which we have been doing very well on ERP solutions side, whereas, on the applications front, in addition to normal ERP we are finding a lot of interaction for which tradition is to focus on people management. So, increasing the focus is now on Customer Relations Management and Human Resources Management or Human Capital Management. Thus, we are seeing a good uptake of activity there, and also witnessing companies collecting and storing data to use it more constructively though in the area of business intelligence. We are seeing much more activities in Enterprise Performance Management, basically, again using this information more proactively to manage information.

Sectorally, any big company is continued to be one of the important domain for us. But, we are also very optimistic about the growth that medium size segment represents. And, we think the level of uptake, and the level of growth in this segment is going to be strong and we are focusing on that segment as well.

Published on: 16/07/2007

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