Interview with Mr Chan Choo Sing

Mr Chan Choo Sing
Mr Chan Choo Sing
Chairman & Group MD
PCCS Group Berhad
PCCS Group Berhad

What is your stance on the global garment industry’s performance in current times? How do you see your country placed in this sector?

There appears to be an overstock situation and compounded with the present difficult global economic situation, sales is expected to decline by low two digits figure BUT it will pick up gradually. The period and speed of recovery will depend on the speed of recovery of the USA and EU markets on the stimulus package provided by their respective governments.

As an established player of Malaysia, knowing the Malaysian garment industry from close, what all do you regard as the hurdles for this industry?

The main hurdle for the garments industry in Malaysia is the lack of workers. This is compounded by the lack of Governmental support as garments industry is not considered as a “preferred” industry in Malaysia.

EU-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks are going on. What all benefits do you see Malaysia availing from this FTA?

Whatever benefits it may have; they go negated by the difficulties in sourcing for reasonably priced local skilled workers for this industry. This industry is labor intensive and recent government policy does not permit the recruitment of foreign workers for this industry.

Please apprise us with the latest trends in customer/consumers preferences in ready to wear clothes?

It will be skewed towards sports life style – sporty yet casual.

How is your elastic webbing/embroidery business doing?

These have been scaled down in tandem with the garments manufacturing operations in Malaysia.

Any plans on backward integration in textile arena?

There are no immediate or future plans for backward integration in the textile arena.


Published on: 13/04/2009

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