Interview with Mr Peter Waeber

Mr Peter Waeber
Mr Peter Waeber
bluesign technologies ag
bluesign technologies ag

The bluesign® standard developed from a project initiative in 1997. In order to guarantee that the standard is independent and therefore implementable for the greatest possible number of companies, bluesign technologies ag was founded in 2000, with headquarters in Switzerland. bluesign technologies not only provides solution for EHS problems along the textile supply chain, but also functions as role model and actively contributes to the conservation of our planet and the natural environment. Company has a global network and access to best available knowledge in technological developments in the textile production. Its advisory board comprises of members who are leading representatives from the scientific and political communities, trade and industry, and consumer and environmental organisations. The dynamic interaction between individual members enables the best possible individual advice and made-to-measure support to be offered to existing and prospective partners for the implementation of the bluesign® standard. The independent, interdisciplinary advisory board also plays an important role in monitoring the application of the bluesign® standard. Mr Peter Waeber, CEO, bluesign technologies ag, is a Chemist and Textile Engineer who did his further studies in Economics. Mr Waeber started his career as a Researcher in Chemical Industry. Thereafter, he had been Executive Manager in different Swiss textile mills. He has also rendered his duties as a CEO in printing mill in Switzerland and as a Technical Director and member of board at Schoeller Textil AG, Switzerland. Mr Waeber had also volunteered as former President of SVTC (Swiss Association of Textile and Chemistry); former member and delegate of council IFATCC (International Federation of Associations of Textile Chemists and Colourists); and Advisory council on environmental and sustainable issues. He is an active part taker in research & development in cutting-edge technologies for textiles and holds several patents in nanotechnology for textiles. Born 31st December 1951, Mr Waeber is married, and has one daughter. He enjoys spending leisure time in snowboarding, diving, outdoor, hiking and music (Jazz and Classic) as favourite hobbies. In an interview with Face2Face team, Mr Peter Waeber speaks on bluesign's activities in Environment and Human Safety (EHS), as well as advantages of eco friendly products.

Recently, your company has undergone an important structural change by joining hands with SGS. How do you see this decision working in the interest of EHS in Textile and allied industry?

The collaboration with SGS enables us to comply with the huge demand for bluesign® certified products worldwide. Our Members (Brands and Retailers) especially from North America encouraged us to do this step in order to be able to operate globally.

So, now, working hand in glove with SGS, what all would be revised activities and services of Bluesign in the arena of textile and clothing?

SGS will support bluesign technologies regarding infrastructure, language/writing/cultural challenges in Asia, furthermore SGS will do lab analytics and will support us in the establishment of bluesign® offices (e.g. in Asia). However bluesign technologies will stay independent.

Being associated with the industry since a decade for the good reasons of environment and quality standards, how do you find this industry progressing currently?

We state some progress in this industry, but often people think that eco efficient products must be more expensive and compromises in design, function or quality have to be done. This is a misunderstanding: if a production is intelligent and based on a holistic approach as the bluesign® concept provides, then products must not be more expensive, they can be even more favorable.

Published on: 08/09/2008

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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