Interview with Pulkit Seth

Pulkit Seth
Pulkit Seth
Vice Chairman & MD

How do you plan to make your online retailing venture big and take it to the next level?

Since launch we have seen our sales growing every month and this is the time when we are really focussing on our product designs, product quality, faster deliveries and in turn providing customers a complete shopping experience. It will be followed with ramped up promotions on social media, print media, ambient media and television networks. Efficient SEO, SEM is the back bone of these days marketing tools.

Going forward, how do you foresee the topline and bottomline growth in garment manufacturing?

We feel that with the consolidation on the supplier side, top line growth can be in the region of 10-15% for all manufacturers who are stable, efficient and are looking to invest in garment manufacturing business. The garment manufacturing business is a competition industry - so, bottom line growth will come from efficiency, automation and support from customers with consistent business. Companies which are willing and able to work on these fronts strategically will have a potential to grow top line continuously and maintain a healthy bottom line as well.

With regards to the prevailing economic conditions in USA, how is the flow of orders from big American retailers? What would be the condition in the near future?

The current economic conditions in USA are stable and as in any market there are both winners and losers. Some retailers are flourishing while others are losing market share. Due to consolidation in large retailers sourcing strategy, the efficient and financially sound vendors are getting consistent business which is leading to higher efficiency at both ends. In the near future, as well as long term, we see a good growth in manufacturing opportunities in the Indian sub-continent as well as certain key countries in Far-East.

Inspite of having good human and natural resources, why do you think India is lacking behind when compared to other developed countries?

In my opinion, India is currently lacking behind due to problems of general infrastructure such as power, water and good quality fabric supply especially for the fall holiday season. At the same time, we see a good future for India in the long term considering ample pool of labour and raw material resources. Based on these fundamentals, it is a matter of time and support to the industry, which can lead it to flourish in future.

What is the inspiration behind Pearl Global’s new venture called sbuys.in?

Sbuys.in was started with a vision of providing international fashion clothing to Indian consumer at the best possible prices. A team of experienced designers who are in complete sync with international trends makes it possible to bring those elements in our collection. The portal also supports young and upcoming fashion designers in showcasing their creations on sbuys.in and make seasonal sales for them.
Published on: 28/04/2014

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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