Interview with Mr. Sridhar Varadaraj

Mr. Sridhar Varadaraj
Mr. Sridhar Varadaraj
Managing Director
Premier Evolvics Pvt. Ltd
Premier Evolvics Pvt. Ltd

Pemier Evolvics is the worldwide leader in the field of Laboratory testing and On-line Quality monitoring equipment for the textile industry. Pemier Evolvics also specialises in the fields Machine Vision systems and Image Processing solutions using Digital Signal Processing based Embedded system

Quality testing in textile industry is not a new concept. Could please tell us how the whole concept evolved to its present form?

Quality testing in textile industry has a long, rich and interesting history. Initially Quality testing was purely a laboratory based activity and therefore an off-line, post- operation process. In the last quarter of the 20th Century, Quality testing has moved on-line and been integrated into textile machinery as a monitoring and control system. We believe that this trend will continue in the future, leading towards significantly closer integration of Textile Machinery and Quality systems.

What are the factors responsible today for the improvement in the fibre and yarn quality on the whole?

While no significant improvement has taken place in the cotton Fibre Quality in the last few decades, Yarn Quality has seen a significant improvement. For example, yarn evenness has improved by 25% in the last 50 years and yarn strength has increased by 10-20% (depending on yarn count) in the last 15 years. This has been made possible by significant new innovations in fibre handling technologies implemented by machinery manufacturers, while simultaneously increasing speeds by as much 25% in the last 25 years.
Published on: 06/03/2006

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