Interview with Mr Angelo Radici

Mr Angelo Radici
Mr Angelo Radici
Radici Group
Radici Group

You had also quoted nanotechnology to be an emerging technology on fibre front? What level of development do you see therein? What could be the next one?

I believe that engineering at the molecular scale, i.e., nanotechnology, is one of the main business areas at which the entire scientific and industrial world is directing its attention. This concerns the textile sector too, a sector in which, at least up to just a few years ago, it seemed that there was nothing left to discover. New opportunities for growth and development have been materializing in the international arena. The use of nanocomposite materials in the synthetic fibre sector is focused mainly on high-performance yarn and fabrics, in that it enables reaching equivalent performance levels with a very small quantity of additives. For some time now, extensive work has been going on for the development of materials with special properties: decorative, chameleon-like effect, antibacterial, anti-UV, chemically protective, flame retardant, antistatic, self-cleaning, or more in general, multifunctional. As regards our product range, I would like to mention Nanofeel®, a polyester fibre, featuring a silver-based nanostructured additive incorporated in the fibre matrix before spinning. The fibre's antibacterial properties help to reduce the proliferation of bacteria on the fabric. All this is achieved by "clean" technology that does not use any toxic materials. Greater comfort, freshness and hygiene are just some of the advantages for consumers who use products made of Nanofeel®.

There is a interesting tenet found on your website: ‘ RadiciGroup presents the new To Be Glocal’. Am sure our readers would love to understand ‘Glocal’ and the ethos behind this tenet.

Ever since we took our first steps towards the globalization of our organization in order to support our international clients, as well as develop local business, we have been guided by a philosophy aimed at respecting and caring for the communities where we have set up our operations. Today our companies are based in Italy and in the rest of Europe, in Asia, and in North and South America. In each of these geographical areas we have adopted and continue to implement a proactive approach to business development. This approach focuses our attention on both international development and our relationship with our community and all its stakeholders.

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Published on: 08/03/2010

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