Interview with Erwin Stoller

Erwin Stoller
Erwin Stoller
Executive Chairman
Rieter Holding Ltd.
Rieter Holding Ltd.

What innovations are under pipeline in your company?

Since it was established in 1795, Rieter’s innovative momentum has been a powerful driving force for industrial progress. Products and solutions are ideally tailored to its customers’ needs and are increasingly also produced in customers’ markets. With a global sales and service organization and a strong presence in the emerging markets of China and India, our company fulfills important prerequisites for achieving future growth. We constantly work on future innovation and bring them regularly to the markets. We do not disclose the details of innovative products and services until the technology proved to be successful in the main application of our customers.

What types of raw materials are required in the making of textile machineries? Is there limited availability of any of these raw materials?

So far we did not face any limitation in raw material.

What kind of textile machines should be used that help to save energy?

For decades, we have focused on developing new products that save energy. One example of this is E 80 comber, which uses 10 % less energy than its predecessor. An innovation, which has been brought to market recently, is the new R 35 semi-automated rotor spinning machine, which is the economical solution to increase productivity. This machine can have up to 460 positions, allows rotor speeds up to 120 000 rpm and delivery speed up to 200 m/min even at full machine length. The design is dedicated to make this machine the new “workaholic” for all applications where best cost efficiency and long-lasting performance is needed. Astonishingly small, but highly efficient is another innovation by us: The Rieter Suction Tube ECOrized for ring spinning machines is a small component with a big effect. It reduces suction power at the spinning position by 50 % and results in significant production cost savings. Each spinning position currently features a suction opening for extracting ends down and hard ends. However, this is only needed in very few cases. Retrofitting all the 244 million ring spindles worldwide with Rieter Suction Tube ECOrized would save as much energy as the annual production of Switzerland’s biggest nuclear power plant! Saving energy is not only good for the environment, but also an effective means of long-term cost reduction in the production of yarns.

What can be called as a major achievement by your company in the year 2012?

Rieter has reached its half-time goals in the investment program for further growth, e.g. the opening of our new manufacturing site in Changzhou, China. The company has also created additional capacity with an existing plant rebuild and new plant building in Koregaon Bhima, India. It was well on course with projects for global standardization and support of business processes and with organizational realignment to a global working approach, in particular with regard also to manufacturing. The Indian customers benefit from the local production. Rieter also enhances the cooperation with Indian universities and institutes of technology in spinning. India becomes more and more an important manufacturing base in the company’s global environment. We have launched new machines and technology components to improve yarn quality, increase productivity and enhance energy efficiency. The company has increased its presence in major markets by further localizing service activities so we are closer to our customers, which helps us to provide a timely service. Last but not least, we went on with the further market introduction of the Air Jet Spinning machine.
Published on: 09/09/2013

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