Interview with Rubal Jain

Rubal Jain
Rubal Jain
Managing Director
Safexpress Pvt Ltd
Safexpress Pvt Ltd

How much do you think the logistics industry has been able to meet the demands of fast fashion? Have they been able to cut down on lead times?

We aim to provide wrinkle-free logistics for our customers in apparels/ textiles industry vertical. Especially in an industry which is characterised by fast fashion trends, this service becomes all the more critical. The service includes proper packaging, services like Stock2Shelf, 'store-ready deliveries' and also most importantly 'time-bound deliveries'. Managing returns for unsold or damaged products is another key feature offered. We have always endeavoured to provide tailor-made logistics solutions to meet our customers' specific needs. Since fashion trends keep changing rapidly, we understand the need for the materials to reach the stores quickly to ensure maximum sales. Due to high rentals, most of these stores strive to eliminate large stocks at the store front, which requires faster replenishment by the logistics service provider. This further means a shift from full-truck loads and traditional transportation systems to express distribution and engaging organised logistics players such as Safexpress, which can deliver even a single box right at the retailer's doorstep situated in the remotest corner of India, fastest by using multi-modal network through surface and air.

India has over 40,000 pincodes that need to be serviced, and the top e-retailers service only reach 15,000. How can companies cover the entire length and breadth of the country?

It is still unclear how many pincodes are present in India, but the estimates range between 20,000 and 50,000. In either case, the retailers have the option of reaching all of them through us. At Safexpress, we pride ourselves in being able to cover every square inch of India, and deliver accordingly. However, the problem area is the cost of delivery. Delivering in far-flung or hard-to-reach areas is difficult, and since there aren't very many deliveries that happen to such areas, bringing down costs through economies of scale remains difficult. Retail companies aren't able to pay or absorb this cost, and hence choose not to serve such markets consistently. Safexpress has dedicated networks that cover 100 per cent of pincodes of India, those we know about and also those we don't. We have already delivered to over 20,000 pincodes across India in the last year.

The carbon footprint of the logistics sector is high, and there is increasing pressure on the sector to be environmentally sustainable. How are you addressing this issue?

Safexpress, since its inception has adopted eco-friendly solutions in all its systems. Our Green Logistics parks boast features like being naturally lit, with in-built insulation and hot air induction vents, etc. No or minimal electricity is used in warehouses throughout the day. They are constructed to aid good temperature control indoors without the need for any fans or other forms of electric cooling. Rainwater harvesting facility is up and running at all logistics parks which is recycled for irrigation and washing. Large green spaces and planting of 100-1,000 trees in all logistics parks, depending on size and location are encouraged and practiced. We also operate through an extremely well-maintained and serviced fleet to limit vehicular emissions. Through our latest Green Safexpress initiative we are focusing on the reduction in wastage. To this end, Green Leaders have been appointed at all locations to drive a reduction in consumption of electricity, diesel (in generators), water, paper, etc.
Published on: 02/11/2015

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