Interview with Heinz Michel

Heinz Michel
Heinz Michel
Santex AG
Santex AG

How is high speed textile machinery different from ordinary textile machineries? What is so special about your high speed textile machinery?

In textile finishing, area high speed is not the same aim as in spinning. During different finishing processes it is essential to find the best compromise between efficiency and quality. The tensionless drying, shrinking and relaxing by Santashrink dryers sell well in the demanding market of Turkey and our machines are speed-wise one of the most powerful dryers in the market.

Is there any piece of advice that you would like to give to textile manufacturers before buying textile machinery?

The constant price war is a fact we have to live with. Clients should evaluate carefully the different machines on offer and invest in those companies they can trust to be a partner for the next 10-15 years. In this context, service availability of the machine supplier is crucial and should be considered as critical.

How do you find the nonwoven market in the global textile industry? Do you suppose that it holds as much of an importance as the mainstream apparel market?

Nonwovens will grow even more than in the last years. We are confident that this market has a great potential. Santex has been active in the nonwovens industry for some time now, offering thermofixing ovens using variable nozzle and fan systems.

Spearheading a company like Santex Group is a challenging job. How do you manage your time? Tell us something about you as a professional.

We work as a team; everybody has his responsibility and knows what has to be done. I try to inspire my colleagues by involving people and giving them the necessary freedom to achieve their targets. With this policy we are also able to distribute the work load. I like to have direct customer contact in order to get firsthand information, and this could be in Switzerland or any other country where our customer is.

Santex Group is often into various textile machinery exhibitions and fairs. How do you think these fairs and exhibitions help your products?

Sometimes I think that at all the exhibitions it is the organiser who reaps the most. In 2015, Santex Group will be present in different shows like JEC Composites in Paris, Techtextil-Frankfurt, Shanghaitex, ITMA Milan, besides some small exhibitions in different countries.
Published on: 28/11/2014

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