Interview with Peter Akbar

Peter Akbar
Peter Akbar
Chief Customer Officer - Fashion

Kindly elaborate on how cloud computing is being used or is likely to be used for textile and apparel retail niche.

The advent of cloud-based applications is simply a modification in the way businesses access and use software applications and data - moving from on-premise hardware and software to resources that exist on a secure cloud. Moving to a cloud landscape can help any company create a highly scalable global IT environment that can boost productivity, cut costs and improve visibility into operations and data.

Do you think that the market (irrespective of matured or emerging economies) is ready at this point of time to adopt this technology easily across all applications?

As demands on IT increase and data volumes grow, retailers will continue to move towards cloud-based solutions as a way to access real-time data, scale faster and reduce the burden on IT departments. The shift to cloud-based solutions will not change the way retailers do business - only how they access and share information.

Who would be your target for the year 2015 - large enterprises or SMEs? Why?

SAP will focus on global and regional businesses of all sizes for the majority of our retail fashion solutions. For example we also offer Sap Business All-in-One for Retail as a packaged offering designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that want to increase profitability, determine the right product mix, and more.
Published on: 10/03/2015

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