Interview with Cemalettin Sarar

Cemalettin Sarar
Cemalettin Sarar
Sarar Group
Sarar Group

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Cemalettin Sarar, Chairman of Sarar Group, shares some essentials about the global and Turkish ready to wear apparel market in an interview with Fibre2Fashion Correspondent Ridaa Saiyed. Synopsis: Sarar, which greeted the fashion world in 1944 from a modest tailor's workshop in Eskisehir, today continues purveying stylish and creative designs across 5 continents and in 49 different countries. After the superior performance, it demonstrated in the men's ready to wear sector, and having succeeded in becoming a leading name during its business life, Sarar soon proved itself in the women's ready to wear and home textiles sector with its quality products and unique service approach. Cemalettin Sarar is the Chairman of the Board of SARAR. He had his own business as a tradesman with his brothers in 1983. He was also the president of Eskisehir Chamber of Commerce between 2005 and 2009. Mr. Sarar started working soon after graduating from High School of Finance and Trade. Cemalettin Sarar has been awarded the "Honorary Doctor" title from Esogu, "Outstanding Service" Award, "Star of The Export" award by the Turkish President Erdogan, "The Best President of the Chamber of Commerce", "Turquality" prize, "Golden Patent" Award, "Entrepreneur of The Year" by Dunya newspaper and "Businessman of The Year" awards (by Economy Magazine and Istanbul University of Business Administration). Excerpts:

SARAR Group has been in the apparel market for quite a long time now. Can you give us a broad idea about the recent notable developments in the ready to wear apparel industry?

SARAR group is in the apparel market since 1944. Ready to wear apparel industry is the pioneer industry among the industries in Turkey. It is the topmost in manufacturing industry if you compare with the others based on employment, production and export. Thus, a possible fluctuation in the ready to wear apparel industry, which has the biggest portion of the country economy, affects whole economy. Textile industry, which is mostly open to possible negative effects of crisis with the automotive industry started to go forward after 2010. In 2009, textile industry completed the year with 19% reduction of textile import and increased export percentages in 2010.

Your company has its own manufacturing facilities. How do you look at outsourcing manufacturing to other countries, especially African countries and Least Developed Countries (LDCs)?

Constant quality is very important for us. We want to keep it that way and that is why we do not think to produce in other countries.

What prospects do you see for the Turkish home textiles in the global home textile industry?

The Turkish Home Textile Industry provides the highest quality standards in whole production range as well as in promotion and marketing. We raised our competitiveness through advancement and innovation. During the past few years, Turkish Home Textile Industry has succeeded in dealing with and combating the negative aspects of the global economic crisis.

Do you think that the existing brick-and-mortar stores (physical shopping) are getting replaced by the online stores (online shopping)? Give Reasons.

While marketing research employs techniques like focus groups, surveys and observation to better understand consumer decision-making, virtual store research uses these standard research techniques within a simulated store setting, delivered via computer. Brick-and-mortar stores will never lose ground. Because major fraction of customers will always prefer to touch, to feel, to try, to see the colours in natural environment before they buy.
Published on: 12/12/2013

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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