Interview with Mr Rainer Roten

Mr Rainer Roten
Mr Rainer Roten
CEO, SSM Textile Machinery
Schweiter Technologies AG
Schweiter Technologies AG

What distinguishes yarn quality coming out from SSM machine and any other make?

Generally, the mix of parameters that influence the overall bobbin quality which can be reproduced permanently. Such high quality packages positively impact productivity (such as less yarn breakages, better dye properties allowing shorter dye cycles etc.) and hence, profitability.

With growing competition within the country, what strategies help SSM to be 'one-up over competitors' in the Swiss market?

We compete with companies from many countries (Italy, India, China, Taiwan, Japan to name the most important ones). We position ourselves by being innovative and very much solution-oriented whereby, solution-oriented means that we aim at supporting the customers in all relevant technological areas; not just limited to (special) winding. Local sub-organizations – such as our Liaison Office in Coimbatore – provide support in all aspects of the business. The local employees are trained in Switzerland and in their home country by senior SSM staff. Proximity to our customers helps us to better understand their needs.

Low priced or used machinery market in Asia seems to be booming. Where do this place SSM in the race to pick business from this region?

Buying used machines can be a way in certain fields and for certain applications. However, one must be very clear about such machines’ properties, its history and its actual working condition. Buying a new machine very often is the better way in the perspective of total cost of ownership . Textile companies can hardly compromise on quality and efficiency these days, and so the rationale for buying new equipment is certainly in place; we believe increasingly so. Additionally, second hand SSM machinery is not available abundantly. However, we are also supporting our customers in finding such equipment if he/she wishes us to do so.

Do you have any interesting news on the R&D front?

Yes, there are some. However, we ask for your understanding that we do not want to give it all away at this pre-ITMA stage. We will come up with news in bobbin technology, sewing thread and in process machines. You are most welcome to visit at ITMA in Munich this September!

How is SSM discharging its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

SSM is a reliable and trustworthy partner and is widely recognized as that (like our three-decade old customers possessing even older machines for which we still supply spare parts). We treat our customers, employees, partners, suppliers etc. in all fairness and respect. Our staff members across the globe enjoy sound social security benefits. We always aim at integrating or using technology that comes with minimal negative impact on our environment. These are a few initiatives to quote, in this multifaceted area.

Published on: 27/08/2007

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