Interview with Masahiro Shima

Masahiro Shima
Masahiro Shima
Shima Seiki Mfg. Ltd.
Shima Seiki Mfg. Ltd.

In the last few years there has been a problem of volatile material prises for Textile machine manufacturers. What are the consequences of this problem?

By "volatile material prices" do you mean prices of materials used in manufacturing machines, such as steel and plastic, or materials used in the garments produced on the machines such as wool and cotton? If the former, obviously machine prices go up, and it becomes more difficult for our customers to purchase machines, as their investment capital must increase. In the case of the latter, our customers must face smaller profit margins due to increased costs, or face fewer sales due to increased prices.

Recently, which is that technology in textile machines, that you feel has a bright future and will experience a boom?

Considering that China is beginning to suffer from increased wages and shortage of labor, all while facing significant increases in overall production demand due to domestic market demand, a bright future for the knitting industry can only be possible through very high levels of automation that require minimal labor, quick response production, and high levels of design and production quality that can satisfy an increasingly fashionable population.

With about 13 subsidiaries, how is business managed and controlled at Shima Seiki as a single corporate entity?

Business is managed and controlled from the central hub, Shima Seiki headquarters in Wakayama, Japan.

What are the upcoming technologies in 3D knitting process?

Further improvement can be expected in increased knitting techniques for improving Wholegarment knitting, as well as 3D image processing technology for creating even more realistic 3D simulations.

Which areas of application are expected to boost the present flat knitted fabric market?

As flat knitted fabrics are basically known more for their application in fall-winter season apparel, finer gauges and lighter fabrics that can open up more opportunities in the spring-summer season can widen market reach. Also, new knitting techniques and increased capability to handle a wider range of materials can open up all-new opportunities in industrial textiles.
Published on: 14/10/2013

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