Interview with Aayush Goenka & Vidushi Kajaria

Aayush Goenka & Vidushi Kajaria
Aayush Goenka & Vidushi Kajaria
Founder & Co-Founder

How many different sock ranges do you have?

AG: We have a diversified product line. Besides casual socks which constitute the largest market due to their high ease of incorporation (they can be used with any apparel), we also sell corporate and athletic socks. Increasing penetration of corporate offices, combined with a focus on smart attire amongst white-collar professionals, is creating demand for our corporate socks. Similarly, the focus on health and fitness amongst millennials and generation z is generating growing demand for our athletic and health socks.

Our innovative products such as Perfomax high performance athletic socks, Com-Feet-able socks designed for comfort, Diabetic Care socks for diabetics, Compression Therapy socks for aching legs and for long journeys and Infused! Socks with the wellness of natural aloe vera and energising mint oils have been appreciated by the market.

Which type/style has had the best pick up? Which price points sell the best in India, and which globally?

AG: Our casual socks are our bestsellers, though some corporate and athletic models also do very well. Price points of under ?250 per pair work in India. Internationally, prices are higher due to the higher cost of customer acquisition in evolved markets.

Which are your major markets geographically?

AG: India remains our major market, though we sell to the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. Before covid-19 struck our plans for the next two years was to grow these overseas markets. Which are your major markets geographically?

A pair of socks last more than 50 washes… with the Soxytoes fragrance/ oil infused range is meant to last for 10- 15 washes, what is the message for the end consumer?

AG: Our Infused! socks collection offers many interesting essential oils and scents such aloe vera, mint, green apple and lime. Although the efficacy of these infusions will diminish after 10-15 washes, due to technology limitations, the underlying pair of socks - a high quality, comfortable and design-forward Soxytoes product - will continue to be a pleasure to wear for the consumer.

Tell us about your marketing strategies:

Vidushi Kajaria (VK): Being a company focused on millennials, our marketing efforts are mostly online with the exception of some retail touch points at places like Select City Walk, Quest malls and the likes. We also participate in fun events like Comicon, Little Flea, pop-ups to connect with our customers in person.

Most of our customers place their orders on our website or on Amazon/ Myntra and other popular ecommerce marketplaces. We also do selective collaborations with like-minded people.

How has social media helped in furthering business?

VK: Most of our customers have discovered our brand via social media. Usually when someone buys our socks they post nice photos of them wearing the socks which spreads awareness and leads to purchases within the sphere of influence of our customers. Our marketing team puts out great content that keeps our customers engaged. We feel it is possible for a small brand to effectively tell their story using social media as traditional channels like print media, TV, etc are too expensive for start-ups.
How has social media helped in furthering business?

How do you curate experiences for each shopper based on their demands? Does technology play a role in it?

AG: Our website is built on the Shopify platform and we use many interesting software plug-ins to personalise and enhance the user experience, focusing on both the pre and post transaction customer journey. We have recently launched our sock subscription plan and are just about to launch our personalised socks module which would allow customers to personalise their purchases with their names/initials monogrammed on to the sock.

What percentage of your sales is through own website store, e-marketplaces and kiosks?

AG: We sell 50 per cent of our production through ecommerce and 50 per cent through brick and mortar channels.
This article was first published in the September 2020 edition of the print magazine.
Published on: 08/10/2020

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This interview was first published in the Sep 2020 edition of the print magazine

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