Interview with Mukund Choudhary

Mukund Choudhary
Mukund Choudhary
Spentex Industries Ltd
Spentex Industries Ltd

How do you take your concern towards sustainability? And, which green steps do you follow for it?

Several matters, which are beyond industry control, play a vital role. While internally, we take every possible measure to achieve sustainability such as control of expenses, cost of production, inventory and cash controls etc, but external factors play an important role such as exchange rates, market conditions.

Do you think that currently market is very impulsive and under stiff position? Besides, with this scenario probably overseas market can be helpful for company’s reserves?

Current markets are surely under stiff position. One of the main reasons is the state of economy of the developed world. The main converting/producing countries will always remain under pressure till such time. Overseas markets are thus very important for the Indian yarn manufacturer.

What kind of trends and state-of-affairs/conditions you evaluate for fabric and yarn in emerging markets?

It should be normal to better in the emerging markets and emerging markets are the main supplier / converter. Moreover, conditions will also depend on the state of economy of the developed world, which are the biggest consuming markets. And, emerging markets are not isolated from the developed economy.

This year budget was expectedly average for textile industry. How it will impact to the value of investors along with several policies of government?

There is already a very little interest with the investors in the textile companies, the budget this year was more of a dent to high expectations. Industry at large has been making many requests for the last several years which have gone unheard.

Please enlighten us with your upcoming plans and activities for your company.

We do not have any aggressive plans until 2013 and we will work on sustainability as well as reducing debt burden.

Please explain, why yarn should be exported from India? Moreover, where do you see the potential market for exports?

Yarns have to be exported from India as there is an overfilling of about 25 percent, which needs to be sold overseas. Besides, main markets will remain to be Bangladesh, China and South America. India has a share of almost 25 percent in the world markets when it comes to cotton yarns as well as remains to be a very important supplier to the world.
Published on: 22/08/2012

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