Interview with Peter Stahlecker

Peter Stahlecker
Peter Stahlecker
Managing Director
Suessen GmbH
Suessen GmbH

How about starting SUESSEN’s Textile Mill or investing into any other new business?

I believe, we best stick to what we know, that is developing, producing and marketing products for the spinning industry. We have no desire to become a competitor to our customers.

Which are those regions that are growing in terms of opportunities?

India continues to be our best market. Other growth areas for Suessen are Bangladesh, Indonesia, maybe in future also Vietnam.

What are the efforts that need to be geared up to achieve sustainable development?

For Suessen (or any other company) to continue to grow and prosper it is necessary that we maintain and even enlarge our existing customer base. The only way to achieve this is to continually offer products and services needed. Hence “all” we have to do is to work hard to achieve this. I can assure you that we are doing exactly this.

What is that one thing that you feel is lacking in the global textile market?

This is a difficult question for a practical man like me. Listening to what my customers tell me on my frequent visits, I feel that genuine free trade is probably the most important ingredient to continued growth. Think back, when the government first banned the export of cotton, then the export of yarn. Did this help our industry? No! It hurt our industry.

How can the performance of a spinning machine be increased? Any tips?

The designers of spinning machines hardly need my advice. Talking about what we know a little bit, it is VERY important that only the best components, such as spinning rings, drafting systems, card clothing etc., be used on production machinery. The same is true for value adding components such as slub devices, compacting systems, etc. Machines seem to become closer and closer to one and other, hence it is most important that the best quality components be used.Our customers know this very well – this is one reason they are successful!
Published on: 28/03/2013

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