Interview with Ernesto A Maurer

Ernesto A Maurer
Ernesto A Maurer

Indian customers are keen to participate in ecological & economical technologies
Switzerland based, SSM Textile Machinery is one of the leading manufacturers of yarn processing and precision winding. Ernesto A Maurer, chairman, SSM exchanges his views on FTA and shares his perspective on the recently concluded India ITME.

What are your expectations from the ongoing show?

I am convinced that India is a very important market for all of us. We expect to reinforce our close contacts with the Indian textile industry, as we always have. It was important for us to come to India ITME specially this year since ITMA Asia did not witness many Indians. Virtually nobody from India went to ITMA Asia due to the close temporal vicinity of course. If there are two shows that are just 6 weeks apart and if you have one in your own country, that's primarily why the turnout was less at ITMA Asia. Secondly the recent situation in China was not very easy. We wanted to pick up what we weren't able to in Shanghai and this was fulfilled. 

If I look at my statistics, 94 per cent of the visitors were Indians. The risky doubter of the Chinese market, India has gained the importance. India is a more quality minded market and quality driven industry too. Therefore the presence of Swiss textile machinery is good in India. 

So our expectations have been met. Having a show just barely one year of ITMA Europe, you definitely don't show any blasting new developments. When you walk through the show here, you see interesting high quality machines but the new developments are mostly reserved for ITMA Europe.

What kind of latest technologies and solutions are Indian customers looking for?

I think India is really moving towards more ecological and economical solutions. We were recently in Ludhiana, and visited big players like Vardhman and Nahar. The plants of these textile companies exceeded the ecological standards of many in the world. All equipped with excellent technology, standards, and ecological balance. Indian customers are keen to participate in ecological and economical technology of the world and this is what we are trying to supply them with.

How big do you think is the market for your products in India?

We are among the top competitors in our worldwide market. India is moving in the same direction. India has always been an important market for us and has had high demand for our products. High ranking executives from some of the leading companies in India have visited our booth here. So the market expectations I have are definitely among the highest. 

Which are your biggest markets apart from India?

It really depends on the product. For synthetics- chemical fibres it's Taiwan. Taiwan is the market leader in synthetics whereas India is improving a lot. For cotton fabrics, I would say the closest one to match would be Bangladesh.

Any emerging markets that you are planning to explore?

Always! Vietnam and Ethiopia might be the next two countries. Burma does not have the infrastructure yet. Burma needs some more time.

How would you describe the technologies being used in India versus its contemporaries like Bangladesh?

Basically can repeat what I said in my second question because India is really moving into the ecological and economical high-end. We said that you are among the best in the world.

Which trade fairs are you planning to participate next year?

There are no big exhibitions happening next year. But we will be there at Techtextil in Germany.
Published on: 12/01/2017

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