Interview with Andreas Sallmann

Andreas Sallmann
Andreas Sallmann
Swiss Textile Federation
Swiss Textile Federation

How it is imperative to have bilateral agreements as well as free trade agreement? Please elaborate.

For our members who are exporting, it is very important to have less restrictive agreements with the trade. There are several political discussions with other countries like China and Russia to find a solution about bilateral agreements. Hopefully, till the end of 2012 there will be way out for this. We would also like to have India and Brazil for bilateral agreements.

How do you foresee the economic trend of textile and garment industry of Switzerland in coming period of time?

There is a high level of new innovation especially in the technical textiles, for example Schoeller Textiles. More and more textile products will be placed in medical applications, automotive, constructions for roads and also in the architecture sections. Also, we have a very high level of embroidery which goes in the whole world. And, there are also new ways and improvements in the embroidery sections such as in the architecture where embroidered patterns will be used with tables.

What is your end-in-view and future prospects for your federation? Please interpret.

With our hard efforts as well as concerning our members, we are closely working with our government with exhaustive lobbying. We hope that our strong Swiss franc of Swiss National Bank should stay at CHF 1.20 or it should fare better at CHF 1.30, which would be better for the textile industry.
Published on: 18/07/2012

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