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Sean Tsai
Sean Tsai
Overseas Market Development
Taiwan Textile Federation
Taiwan Textile Federation

Total textile export of technical textiles and composites to India from Taiwan nudges US$ 225 million
Technotex India Exhibition, organised in Mumbai recently, had a Taiwan pavilion featuring more than 19 companies. They projected high-end and innovative technical, composites, performance and industrial textiles and accessories. Taiwan Textile Federation and Bureau of Foreign Trade with Taiwan Composites Association (TCA) made their presence felt for the fourth time, reflecting India’s high potential as a market. Sean Tsai, overseas market development of Taiwan Textile Federation, shared his views with Fibre2Fashion.com

What is the growth percentage observed in the Taiwanese technical textile and composites industry?

In 2015, the Taiwanese technical textile and composites industry reported 0.4 per cent growth rate in exports.

What share of the Indian market is already captured by the Taiwanese companies? What future opportunities does the country hold for them?

The total textile export to India is worth close to US$ 225 million. The strength of Taiwanese textile companies is innovations in technology, design and marketing. Technology is supported by sufficient talent in the textile and related industries, such as petro-chemicals, plastic and machinery. Taiwanese design ability allows quick, timely responses to global market trends.

Please share details of global demand for Taiwan-manufactured technical textiles and composites.

Total export value of Taiwan-manufactured technical textiles and composites in 2015 was US$ 11 billion.

What applications of Taiwan's technical textiles and composites can benefit Indian industries?

Taiwan is seeking supply-chain cooperation from India. Taiwan can help Indian manufacturers add value to final products. This is similar to what we did with China over the past 10 years.

What notable differences do you find in the Taiwanese industry, compared to India?

Technical yarns and quality TPU are the notable differences in the Taiwanese industry.

What cutting-edge technologies, benefitting the Indian technical textile and composites industry, were featured at the Taiwan pavilion?

The cutting-edge technologies featured at Technotex 2016 were: 1. Technical Yarns: Nylon 6/66 which enables Indian mills to develop high class clothing, in terms of strength, feel etc. 2. Shoe or bag or luggage materials including fabrics, TPU and accessories. 3. Nonwovens: High quality nonwoven fabric will support Indian industry to develop high level of nonwoven products like diapers and sanitary napkins. 4. Composites break into fibreglass fabrics, FRP and technology or equipment.

What was the total footfall to your pavilion this year?

According to our statics, we had a total of 1,100 visits this year.

What major tie-ups or agreements did you do at the pavilion?

We got some good leads, and we are going to follow up on them.

Which new companies have been added to your exhibitor’s list?

The following companies were added this time against last time: 1. Ding Zing Advanced Materials Incorporation 2. Formosan Rubber Group Inc 3. Immense Prosperous Ent. Co. Ltd 4. Jhih Cheng Nonwoven Co. Ltd 5. Kang Na Hsiung Enterprise Co. Ltd 6. Hua Jin FRP CO. Ltd 7. Forever Energy Technology Co. Ltd 8. Tomlong Techstile Corp 9. Wah Hong Industrial Corp
Published on: 03/05/2016

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