Interview with Herman Roup, Larry Dyne & Peter Vaz

Herman Roup, Larry Dyne & Peter Vaz
Herman Roup, Larry Dyne & Peter Vaz
President of Tekfit and PPE Divisions, CEO & COO

Every customer is treated like a “Boutique” brand
Talon International, Inc is a global supplier of apparel fasteners, trim and interlining products to manufacturers of fashion apparel, specialty retailers, mass merchandisers, brand licensees and major retailers. Talon manufactures and distributes zippers and other fasteners under its Talon brand, known as the original American zipper invented in 1893. Larry Dyne, CEO of Talon; Peter Vaz, COO, Talon; and Herman Roup, President & Innovator of Adjustec Talon, discuss about the company's growth story, the second patent achieved for Adjustec brandroll technology, and the new upcoming patents.

What are the basic differences in your various specialty waistbands like Talon, Tag-It and TekFit?

Herman Roup: Talon is the holding companies name in North America. Tag-it is the name in Asia. TekFit, now known as Adjustec, is a division of Talon, that develops, manufactures, and oversees our patented technology and knowhow.

What is unique to Adjustec? How is it different from similar clothing stretch technologies?

Herman Roup: There are no similar stretch technologies that compare with Adjustec. It can make non-stretch fabric stretch and recover. It can stop stretch fabric from blowing out (overstretching) and make straight fabric curve. Also, it can make fabric wick.

What does the 2nd US patent for Adjustec Bandroll Technology convert to?

Herman Roup: It widens the scope of patent number 1, protecting our IP and knowhow even more.

There are two patents for Adjustec Bandroll awaiting confirmation. What will be the application areas of the same?

Herman Roup: We want to apply this technology to the women’s market.

What are your design suggestions of incorporating Adjustec into garments?

Herman Roup: We like to think of ourselves as supplying “hidden magic.” You don’t see the change in the garment, it is all internal. Once the consumer discovers the level of performance we have created, they usually come back for more as they did 60 million times for Dockers chino’s and over 43 million times for PVH shirts.

Talon and Aramark have partnered for implementing Adjustec into Aramark's pants and shorts. What has been the customer feedback so far?

Herman Roup: Aramark is so delighted with the performance of the product and the manufacturing systems we installed that they awarded us with the innovator of the year award for 2020.

How do garments that implement this technology score on parameters like longevity and durability?

Herman Roup: These products outperform their competitors because of increased yarn count and superior fusible products plus the patented process that they are subjected to.

Which are your patented manufacturing systems and equipment that are required by companies to implement the special stretch technology?

Herman Roup: In all the factories where we use equipment, we have a multi-feed system that usually increases productivity to 5 folds and that forms part of a multi-equipment system. Secondly, there is a patented fold and press system that also radically improves productivity before and in-line of performance.

Please give us a background of Talon. In which countries do you have your footprints as on date?

Peter Vaz: At Talon, we invented the world's first zipper in 1893 and changed the face of fashion industry forever, while servicing global retailers and luxury brands through design and performance. Over the last 40 years, Talon’s core offering in customised trimming, tag & packaging solutions through our global supply chain, has become synonymous with sustainability and reliability. Our legacy of innovation continues with Adjustec, our patented technology which gives comfort through stretch and recovery, creating differentiated value. Heritage is who we are, innovation with sustainability is what we do.

Our footprint has continued to grow over the last 12 months with our presence and associations in US, UK, Turkey, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, China (north and south), Peru, Central and South America. 

What has been your growth story till now?

Larry Dyne: 127 years in business with the Talon brand. Our current growth is focused on any area that we can add value for the customer. As customers reduce their resources, we begin to play a bigger role.

Which are your major products for the apparel industry?

Larry Dyne: Hangtags, labels, patches (all kinds), metal hardware, zippers, packaging, and poly bags – keen focus on ecological (ECO) conversions of these same products.

Who are your global competitors? How do you differentiate your products against competition?

Larry Dyne: Avery Dennison, SML, Labelon. Our key differentiators are service levels and customer touch. Every customer is treated like a “Boutique” brand.

Which are your major markets? Which markets hold potential for future?

Larry Dyne: Key markets are APAC region and Central America. We believe strongly in both these regions specifically Guatemala, Honduras, Vietnam, and Bangladesh for the next 5-7 years.

How did the pandemic disrupt your business? What were the major issues faced and how did you tide over them?

Larry Dyne: We supply to both direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands and wholesale brands. The wholesale brands were most effected as they rely on retail and online traffic. DTC continued to stay strong. Some DTC brands have shown significant increases in sales and product volume during the pandemic. We were also able to pivot and utilise our existing infrastructure to supply PPE products. We procured and shipped hundreds of millions of Nitrile gloves to various fortune 500 companies for their own internal consumption. This helped the company, while the market took time to recover.

Which are the current innovations and patents you are working on?

Larry Dyne: We have a robust patent portfolio surrounding our Tekfit / Adjustec products as well as some new innovative zippers for kids apparel will we launch in the market in Q4 2021.

What next on the cards? Any strategic partnerships in pipeline?

Larry Dyne: Always looking for strategic partnerships. At the current time, we have 2 very interesting discussions on the table that would most probably be executed later this year. Both are well known industry giants.
Published on: 06/08/2021

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