Interview with Arvind Arora

Arvind Arora
Arvind Arora
Taurus Tex
Taurus Tex

Which is your biggest market?

We operate globally for all products. Our biggest markets are China and the Far East for yarns; Bangladesh for fabrics; and India and Europe for garments.

Which are the new markets you plan to explore?

We want to explore Bangladesh for yarns, Vietnam for fabrics, and the US for garments.

What are the challenges that the global home textiles market is currently facing? What about the scenario in India?

The challenges that the global home textiles market is facing globally is low demand worldwide. In case of India, I am not very familiar with home textiles, but definitely see wider-width looms not being available in big capacity.

By what percentage has the export market grown for the home furnishings division? Which new markets do you look to capture? What is your export turnover? What percentage increase do you foresee in next fiscal?

Home textiles is an area to which we are very new. We are looking to strengthen the Indian manufacturing sector in yarns and fabric innovations, apparels, home textiles, etc, by helping them set up and establish their supply chain for new products, and then continuing to innovate through raw materials and designing. With new emerging mindsets and focus on growth, companies are increasingly hiring our services for upgrading their current product profile. Our company is being acknowledged for the international experience our team possesses, and the manner in which we conduct our working to develop and upgrade our business partners with total commitment and dedication to set up supply chains. We foresee a 30-40 per cent growth of our company for the next fiscal.
Published on: 24/07/2015

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