Interview with Mr Ricardo Weiss

Mr Ricardo Weiss
Mr Ricardo Weiss
Tavex Corporation
Tavex Corporation

As a leading player in European market for more than a century, what movements have you marked in apparel/textile market here, in recent years?

In the last years we saw the consolidation of the premium brands, which demand innovative products and designs. We also saw the consolidation of the fast fashion business, in which fast response and quick service are critical.

Tavex is prepared to be the leader in innovation and fast service.

Out of your 150 years accrued experience in denim, what is your remark on this industry?

•Denim is a key element of western fashion and culture

•Despite fashion cycles, denim is always able to reinvent itself

•Innovation and market knowledge are critical to generate fresh designs that entice consumers to keep buying jeans

What future prospects do you envision in the workwear/sportswear and retail segments?

We are leaders in Workwear in South America. The future is in work fashion and technical (protection) products, and our R&D is working in this direction.

Denim uses about half of the total global cotton output production. In this context, how do you see current scenario in cotton market (scarce production and price rise) affecting your industry? What trends in procurement of feedstock can be marked in the global market now?

Rising cotton prices will put significant pressure on less capitalized companies, threatening their survival. On the other hand, the recent movements in the financial and commodities markets and in cotton in particular, show that there is plenty of volatility in these markets. Our ability to anticipate and manage these movements is one of our core competences.

Your line of operation is crowded with myriad competitors from low cost countries. What helps Tavex to stand different and grab a lion’s share?

•Product development in close contact / relationship with Europe’s leading brands

•Quick service and flexibility is key, that is why our strategy is to have production close to our customers (Spain and Morocco for Europe, Mexico for North America, Brazil/Argentina/Chile for South America)


Published on: 17/11/2008

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