Interview with Lorenzo Marsiglio

Lorenzo Marsiglio
Lorenzo Marsiglio
Executive Sales Director

What is the kind of technical assistance required to operate such automated Dos&Dye machines? What kind of after-sales services do you offer?

The machine use and maintenance manuals are also supplied with Dos&Dye system.

Following the simple instructions given and the scheduled maintenance, the customer can easily keep the system up to date and efficient. Regular maintenance is easily programmable within one working year and can be carried out by the customer's maintenance department.

From experience, our system rarely need direct intervention but if this occurs, prompt assistance is assured from our end.

Remote intervention is provided on request, thanks to the software developed by our IT team which allows our technicians to monitor the operation of the machine during each stage to provide online assistance in real time. Moreover, in particular cases, Tecnorama guarantees on-site assistance thanks to the presence of technicians worldwide.

How sustainable are your technologies?

The main benefit of Dos&Dye system, as I mentioned, is the high value of the right-first-time: the reductions of re-dyeing and the corrections in bulk machines bring both water and energy savings.

In addition to Dos&Dye, Tecnorama has other systems that help customer save energy:

Multi-Fastest, this is a device to control the wet fastness (like washing).  The tests are carried out before the dyeing machine is unloaded and the quick result (a test lasts three or four minutes) allows understanding if the fastness is good or if it needs another washing operation immediately. Energy saving consists in avoiding to repeat again the operation of washing and drying.

Ecodyerama, is a simple device that tests the clarity of the water used for washing after the dyeing.

Once the required level has been reached the batch is downloaded without having to do additional scheduled washings.

What is the annual budget allocated towards research and development (R&D)?

Our R&D budget changes a lot from year to year. Certainly, in the year before every ITMA expo, which is held every four years and is widely recognised as the Olympics of the textile and garment technology industry, textile machine manufacturers invest a great deal in human, financial and time resources, just to bring news to the most important exhibition in the sector.

Tecnorama introduces a new machine only after careful trials in its own laboratories. Sometimes we make use of practical tests by customers to evaluate the effective performance. The final set-up often takes longer than expected and also modification of the original project to improve it.

What innovations is the R&D team at Tecnorama involved in currently? Tell us about your latest solutions for laboratory automation.

The latest technical innovation for laboratory has been the Shakerama dyeing machine, which is particularly suitable for dyeing knitwear and fabric made of all fibres. The creation of Shakerama marks the final element, introducing a new type of dyeing system with the 'shaking' of the liquor and the textile material at the same time, similar to the working concept of the jet and jet-flow dyeing machines used in bulk. As for the other Tecnorama automatic dyeing machines, dispensing of dyestuffs and chemicals and part of dyeing recipes are done directly and automatically in the dyeing units by the multi-pipette dispensing system. Other chemical products can also be dispensed automatically during the dyeing processes.

How did Tecnorama fare in the last two years and what are your expectation from the next two?

The last two years have been very successful and the best result has been achieved, thanks to the launch of Shakerama at the ITMA in Milan. Shakerama has immediately got the approval from customers who use it and this success has continued in the following two years. The market trend is still very good and currently, Shakerama is the most requested Tecnorama laboratory machine.

What are your future plans?

Tecnorama is close to customers' dyeing needs and therefore constantly develops new machines based on their feedback.

We are currently designing a new dosing machine and planning an expansion of the wide range of dyeing machines for sample and small production. At the ITMA Barcelona, to be held in June 2019, Tecnorama will certainly be present with innovations. (HO)
Published on: 02/05/2018

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