Interview with Lorenzo Marsiglio

Lorenzo Marsiglio
Lorenzo Marsiglio
Executive Sales Manager

What impact do you think automation and robotics will have, especially in Asia?

Automation is an indispensable upgrade to obtain quality, efficiency, time saving and reproducibility. Optimisation is what a client reaches with the products conceived by Tecnorama. There is no conflict between automation and manpower, it's only an evolution: manpower will always be needed to check, work and use automation. Automation is like having a mobile phone. The phone will help you, but it will not work without you.

Do you think demonetisation is affecting your business?

No, I don't think it is affecting our business because all commercial exchanges are done in Euros or US dollars. 

What are the top three innovations you have seen at the India ITME?

Buyers are mainly looking for green technology to save power, water and energy. They are more dedicated to lessen pollution and be more sustainable. Working to provide machines for a more sustainable production is the same direction Tecnorama has undertaken. So, I would say the top 3 innovations are: green evolution, sustainability and innovation.

Which verticals in the textile industry does India need to revamp with latest machines?

Textile industry must be organised to answer to the more and more pressing needs of the globalised market. The total control of the entire productive processes is a great advantage. For this reason, Tecnorama offers automated solutions that allow easy and efficient management of dye-house processes. The same must be done for all the other production lines.

If you have to summarise your experience at India ITME so far, what would you say?

India for us is a market that is evolving day by day. We closely follow the trends thanks to our agents and subagents. The satisfaction to grow together with the demands of Indian market is our aim and provide us inspiration to find solutions that we propose also in other markets. This means that we believe that India is one of the global leading market, that's why we are so interested and involved. India ITME is the perfect window to share and compare solutions with our existing and new clients all in once.

What are your expectations from the next edition of India ITME 2020?

As I said, India ITME is a good window and we will show our latest innovations which for sure will be appreciated by visitors and customers.
Published on: 25/01/2017

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