Interview with Gert Frederiks

Gert Frederiks
Gert Frederiks
President and CEO
Teijin Aramid
Teijin Aramid

What are the special applications of Aramid fibers?

Wherever strength, safety, heat or flame resistance, low weight or sustainability is required, Twaron, Sulfron, Teijinconex or Technora is used. Our products are used worldwide in many different applications and markets, including automotive, ballistic protection, marine, civil engineering, protective clothing, optical fiber cables, and oil & gas. More specific applications: ballistic protection; hard ballistics, soft body armor, helmets, civil engineering products, composites, conveyer belts, cut protection products, elastomer reinforcement, engineering plastics, flexible flow lines and umbilicals, friction products, ropes and cables, reinforced pipes, sealing material, special paper, tires, heat protection products.

What is the future of Global composite market and what all sectors of Technical Textile you will cater?

With Twaron we offer a product which is used in niches of the global composite market dominated by glass and carbon fibers. We are active in developments on airfreight cargo containers and gas cylinders.

What are your predictions regarding Growth of Technical Textiles Market and how do you see the TT Market?

I can give you our assumption for the para-aramid world market where we expect a 5 to 7% growth p.a. in the coming years.

Which kind of aramid fibres are very much popular and have an increasing demand in the market?

Both the meta aramid as well as the para aramid fibers are popular in different markets. It depends on the application and the requirements which one is used. We see an increasing demand in the fields of protection, automotive and optical fiber cables. If we dive into the protective apparel market than we see that our company has supported the global market for protective apparel over decades with our high-performance materials, Teijinconex meta-aramid, Twaron and Technora para-aramid, Pyromex flame-resistant fiber and since recently with Endumax high-performance polyethylene. We now have developed a new type of meta-aramid fiber offering the world’s highest level of heat resistance combined with excellent dyeability. In July we announced that we will produce this in a facility to be built in Ayutthaya Province, Thailand. The construction begins this December and production is scheduled from July 2015. The newly developed fiber will strengthen our group’s global presence in the protective apparel market, where demand for high-performance materials is increasing. The new type of meta-aramid fiber strengthens our competitiveness in the emerging economies and Asia, where the demand for heat-proof and flame-retardant high-performance materials is growing due to increasing safety regulations, and in North America and Europe, where the demand is high for advanced solutions that combine comfort and maneuverability with high protection.

According to you which market factors will play a key role in the business of your company for the year 2013?

Cost performance (price) and sustainable light weight solution in terms of steel replacement play a key role in our business and that of our customers. We want to be “the best para-aramid company in the world”. We believe that sustainable value creation and cost awareness are critical success factors. This means making products that match our customers’ needs as efficiently as possible, while also ensuring that our products can contribute to the cost efficiency of their applications. In this approach, we take both financial and ecological aspects into account. The ultimate aim of the products and services we deliver is to improve both our own competitive position and that of our customers. We call this “maximizing cost performance in the value chain”. Of course, we cannot do this alone – it requires all parties in the value chain to work closely together. We will continue to proactively initiate collaboration with our partners in the chain whenever we see the opportunity.
Published on: 27/08/2013

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