Interview with Andreas von Bismarck

Andreas von Bismarck
Andreas von Bismarck
Managing Partner

Has demonetisation affected your business in anyway?

It brought a lot of confusion actually. I am positively surprised how Indians have accepted something like this. In Germany, everything would stand still, even if this would not be practically normal in Germany.

What are your thoughts on the possibilities of India signing a FTA with Europe?

Free Trade Agreements (FTA) can always bring huge contribution to economic growth. We have seen this in many cases. But at the moment I have a feeling that the political situation in the world is uncertain. Nobody really knows what will happen, as major FTAs in the world like TPP and TTIP are under question but I would actually be in support of it.

Which verticals in the textile niche do you think India is still lagging behind?

I think India can play a bigger role in terms of export. This is probably also an ongoing process. People do realize this but of course this cannot happen completely overnight. But they are trying to push this and in my opinion this is the right direction but there is room for improvement.

What are the main challenges that you face when dealing with Indian customers?

Banking issues and bureaucracy are some challenges. Some projects take longer to complete and that is a disadvantage because the world is moving so fast today. Especially if a customer here gets orders from big brands for export for example. They are very strict on deliveries.

If you have to summarise your whole experience at the fair what would you have to say?

I love the campaign name - Incredible India. You are always in for a surprise when you come to India and in most cases it is positive. At the moment there are the challenges from all the things that are happening here but also people are really trying to find solutions and move forward, which is what I like.

What are your expectations from next India ITME?

The different technologies should be showcased amongst the fair ground in a better way. We experienced from our customers some confusion to find out what is where. As for example knitting was spread out over all halls.

Please share details about the latest innovations at Terrot.

We would like to point out our Corizon technology, which combines spinning and knitting in one process. Among the huge variety of applications, it seems especially interesting for blends of polyester, viscose, cotton or any other fibre for the Indian market. Furthermore only with our technology different usages of lycra are possible as well as the possibility to produce knits in single and double jerseys. We would like to invite Indian customers for making trials. As we start from the roving as raw material this is especially interesting for integrated spinning and knitting mills or spinning mills which have plans to add knitting as well. Corizon offers a big variety of innovative product opportunities.
Published on: 06/01/2017

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