Interview with Cem Negrin

Cem Negrin
Cem Negrin

What is the market size of textile and apparel industry in Turkey and how brands are sprouting there?

In production side, textile market size is estimated 12 billion dollars and apparel market size estimated 26 billion dollars by producer’s price. Apparel retail market is approximately 28 billion dollar by consumer’s price. Moreover, many companies and brands are dominating the markets.

Domestic brands are doing dynamic businesses. How much it will be competitive for the international players for its pleasant existence in your region?

Certain domestic brands are positioning themselves as regional players. These certain brands offer cooperation and enlarging opportunities for international players. In addition to that certain brands also offer huge growth potentiality in company and brand value. To benefit from such prospective, international investors prefer the acquisitions in recently.

How vibrant is the growth of Turkish apparel and retail market? What is your forecast for this?

Turkish apparel and retail market growth has slowdown in 2012. Moreover, we estimate market growth rate as 10 percent (in nominal and Turkish Lira term). Besides, retail market growth rate is approximately “zero percent” in real term and US Dollar term.

How is TGSD helpful to the textile and apparel industry of Turkey? Besides, please conclude about your further moves/plans

TGSD is monitoring this industry, by and large globally as well as informing industry about the development. In addition to that TGSD evaluates the competitiveness of sector periodically and develop the proposals, which are offered to the public authorities.

How do see the performance for women’s clothing vs. men’s clothing segment?

Women’s clothing segment performance is over men’s clothing segment as usually. However, both women’s and men’s clothing segment performance is weakening.
Published on: 03/10/2012

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