Interview with Mr Virat Tandaechanurat

Mr Virat Tandaechanurat
Mr Virat Tandaechanurat
Executive Director
Thailand Textile Institute (THTI)
Thailand Textile Institute (THTI)

What are your views on Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement (JTEPA) and business opportunities? How would this agreement bring good tidings especially for Textile & Clothing sector?

JTEPA is great opportunity for Thai textile & clothing industries. There is not only an opportunity for tariffs reduction only, but there is importantly an opportunity to build up Textile and Apparels Cooperation, which is as following;

The Thai and Japanese governments will encourage cooperation between the textile and apparel industries of the two countries with the following objectives among others:

1. To support the promotion of products of Thai textile and apparel industry including those of potential local manufacturers (e.g. SMEs products, OTOP products) and their further cultivation in the Japanese market.

(A) Japanese side will provide the Thai textile and apparel industry with the following information:

*Japanese textile and apparel market and trends in the retail sector *Fashion and design trends

(B) Japanese side will support the Thai textile and apparel industry in its development of sales networks in the Japanese market through the following means:

• Introduction of buyers in Japan • Provision of information on business practices in Japan • Provision of information on logistics and delivery systems in Japan • Participation in trade fairs, fashion shows, business meetings in Thailand and Japan

(C) Japanese side will make efforts to invite buyers in Japan to exhibitions/business meetings held in either Japan or Thailand.

(D) Japanese side will support the Thai textile and apparel industry’s market research/survey missions to Japan.

2. To cooperate in the facilitation of investment in technology by the Japanese textile and apparel industry in Thailand.

The Thai and Japanese governments will cooperate with each other to facilitate investment in technology by the Japanese textile and apparel industry in Thailand.

3. To strengthen the technological capacity of the Thai and Japanese textile and apparel industries.

(1) For the purpose of strengthening research and development activities in Thailand, Japanese side will support Thailand’s implementation of R&D centers including textile pilot plants with the following advice in a reasonable manner:

A. Structure and personnel for such R&D centers B. Equipment/machinery to be installed in such R&D centers C. Themes to be studied/researched at such R&D centers

(2) In addition to the above (1), the Japanese will send specialists to Thailand Textile Institute (THTI) to supervise training and provide Thaiand with the following information with an aim to developing skills needed for enhancing R&D activities and testing capabilities.

A. Quality control ( including testing technology), production management, quality standards for each product, quality standards relating to materials ; B. Environmental protection, energy-saving technologies; C. Human resources development, management of in-house structures, personnel management.

In the case of both industries finding it necessary to send specialists/experts from Japan to Thailand to attend seminars/training functions regarding the above A. to C. in Thailand, Japan will make reasonable efforts to cooperate in such matters as the selection of specialists/experts.

(3) Japanese side will cooperate when specialists/experts from the Thai textile and apparel visit Japan for factory visits.

4. To develop business management including logistics, distribution, supply chain management, design and merchandising with an aim to developing Thai grass-root textile and apparels industries.

5. Japanese side will provide relevant information on business management to Thai fashion and fabric designers, including through organizing training sessions and if necessary, dispatching specialists/experts from Japan to Thailand.

6. Both sides will set up a working meeting comprising relevant Thai- Japanese textile and apparel associations and representatives from the Governments of both countries to discuss [T: in detail and exchanging views, including on how to carry out] [J: in detail and exchange views on the] textile and apparels cooperation under the JTEPA.

Can you please throw some light on the investment opportunities and incentives available in Thailand’s Textile and Garment Industry to investors across the globe?

Thailand, now one of the ASEAN members has been actively encouraging all the members to set up economic cooperation and Free Trade Agreement, called AFTA for past many years. Presently, AFTA is almost completely applied to all goods, including textile and clothing. ASEAN countries are aggressively supporting the free flow trade of goods and services, and FTAs among nations and regions, such as Japan, EU, China and Korea, are progressing. Thailand geographically has become the hub for these countries. Therefore, textile and clothing investors can make use of Thailand as springboard for developing trades with big markets like EU, Japan, China and Korea etc.

Being an important policy maker for a select sector, how have you set your mission planner for the 2 - 3 years?

In order to promote Thai Textile & Clothing industries, THTI has studied and proposed a 2008-2012 Master-plan to our government, which has a vision for our industry to be the hub of Textile in ASEAN and requested the government for supporting the following projects; - Cluster Development - Building & adding value of Textile and Clothing by research & development. - Human Resource Development - Expanding Market to ASEAN and new emerging market - Domestic market development - Efficiency productivity of industry - Competitive policy for support industry
Published on: 31/12/2007

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