Interview with Flavio Tonello

Flavio Tonello
Flavio Tonello

Stone wash is the most iconic of denim finishes
Flavio Tonello, CEO, Tonello, talks about the revolutionary technological innovations at the company and denim finishes trending this season.

Tell us something about the NoStone washing system developed by Tonello.

The NoStone system eliminates the use of the pumice stone, replacing it with a stainless steel abrasive drum fastened to the washing machine. This drum can create a variety of finishes through flexible abrasion adjustments to create the look and style varieties consumers love. Due to the mechanical - rather than chemical - nature of the process, the NoStone effect is the same as that of stone wash and reduces the carbon footprint created when using pumice stones. The NoStone system was developed in collaboration with Levi Strauss & Co and was awarded with the Sustainable Innovation Award at ITMA 2015 in Milan.

What are the latest technologies emerging in the textile finishing sector, particularly in denims?

Sustainable practices are becoming common in the garment finishing sector. Brands are pushing more in this direction and laundries and producers are adapting to this trend. At ITMA 2015, Tonello presented some revolutionary technologies such as NoStone to create authentic stone wash effects without using pumice stones. Another new concept was Core, the evolution of the renowned Batik technology capable of creating uniform or contrasting effects. We also showed ECOfree, an ecological bleach on fabrics by means of ozone dissolved in water.

What percentage of the total turnover is dedicated to R&D in your company? Kindly highlight some innovations in garment finishing technology that are being sought after or enjoy good demand.

Approximately 10 per cent of our total turnover is dedicated to R&D. We believe in research because it means we can come to the market not just as machine manufacturers, but as a partner for the most advanced laundry and finishing companies, as the key interlocutors of top fashion brands. Among the most demanded technology we have NoStone for stoneless stone-wash effects and Core, for special effects and to apply performance products on garments.

What are the trending finishes in denims this season and for 2017?

Lately, the '80s and '90s looks have made a great comeback. To this end, stone wash is the most iconic of denim finishes. Also, rips and breakages are very trendy, like those found on over-distressed jeans. Another huge hit are special dyes which can be worked easily on all kind of apparel thanks to technologies like Core.

What social phenomena impact textile finishes and influence demand?

Fashion trends, as dictated by designers and brands, influence which textile finishes will be more relevant during a season. Also, social phenomena like the woman's role in today's society as well as the constant connection to the Web, which allows anyone to access an unlimited amount of information, influence demand.
Published on: 20/08/2016

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