Interview with Romney Evans

Romney Evans
Romney Evans
True Fit
True Fit

Where does it work best: in-store, kiosks, web, app?

True Fit's technology is optimised to work across retailers' e-commerce platforms, and is accessible on a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. In today's global apparel and footwear market, some 80 per cent of purchases still occur in-store. However, 67 per cent of instore purchases are influenced by what shoppers see first on the web. In 2017, we announced a partnership with Tulip Retail to help improve the in-store shopping experience. By integrating True Fit's fit and style recommendations into Tulip's platform, sales associates can access a personalised, curated catalog of items for every shopper. As a result, store associates are able to confidently show customers how well each item is expected to fit, making every sales associate a personal shopper and fit expert.

What technology do you use to provide sizing & fitting solutions?

True Fit's style, size and fit recommendations are powered by our award-winning Confidence Engine, which provides free size and fit advice for all shoppers, without the need to create a personal profile. We know that simplistic size calculators and generic size charts don't provide consumers with an accurate representation of how an item will fit. True Fit employs a variety of machine learning and AI approaches to deliver its solution. Ultimately, the big differentiator is its unique data set-the genome for footwear and apparel. What technology do you use to provide sizing & fitting solutions?

What is the on-boarding process like?

True Fit typically gets customers up and running in a matter of weeks. We have a world class delivery team that kicks off the project with each retailer and provides white-glove service for getting the scripts properly inserted into templates, configuring the UX to match the retailer's style guides, and assisting teams with data feeds.

Who are your major clients?

True Fit has a presence on over 200 major global retail sites. Our clients span from Ralph Lauren to Clarks to Macy's. In addition to driving net incremental revenue, reducing returns is one of the top value propositions for our clients. Our team of analysts examine data patterns, like which items are being returned the most frequently, which shopper "types" are most likely to return, and feed that insight back to retailers. This helps our clients make better products, streamline their inventory, adjust marketing tactics, and so on.

What is the cost of installing your technology?

True Fit is based on a SaaS delivery model and costs a flat monthly rate for unlimited retailer use. The monthly fee is established based on the value True Fit will drive for the retailer. Results are monitored and tracked each week/month, and are reviewed regularly with the client. True Fit has been rigorously AB tested by the world's leading retailers and independent third parties, and routinely delivers 10X or higher ROI, and 4-8 per cent net incremental revenue lift by increasing conversion rates and decreasing returns.

How many registered users do you have? What is the nature of feedback that you take to help finetune your app/solution?

True Fit currently has more than 60 million registered users around the world, and that number continues to grow. Our network of users represents the largest universal cohort of digital apparel and footwear shoppers across major retailers and brands. True Fit's technology empowers consumers to shop more confidently and find the right styles when shopping online. True Fit learns by customer inputs, as well as from purchase and returns data that help signal which items customers ultimately bought and kept.
Published on: 17/04/2018

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