Interview with Sridhar Tirumala

Sridhar Tirumala
Sridhar Tirumala
CEO & Co-Founder

While this is a great option for online channels, it is not really a necessity for retail stores. What are your comments on this?

Trupik is positioned so that a new channel of shopping is created which is a hybrid of online and retail stores-by marrying the best of online and offline shopping experiences.

Fashion is highly personal, and is highly iterative in nature. A pure online solution requires one single day for one iteration and consumers do not have the patience of having to wait an entire day every time that they want to try out a new set of clothes. Currently, retail stores have access to their consumers for only as long as they are in the stores. Consumers need to visit each and every store to try their products before reaching a decision to buy.

So, Trupik connects the consumers directly to the brands and their stores through the mobile platform. This enables our consumers to have a complete fashion solution in less than two hours. Trupik technology allows the brands to present only the relevant garments to the consumers-with high precision-while the consumer is outside the store. In effect, Trupik technology allows brands to customise the brands' physical stores for each and every consumer, and present the products at the convenience of the consumers, just the way that stores present while the consumer is in the store, including the trial room. The consumer and his/her fashion become central to the experience, as opposed to the product and its price. An essential human touch over and above the technology, provided by the brand's stores to the consumers, will fulfill 360 degrees of consumer's fashion needs.

Are you planning to partner with other brands, considering that you plan to set up over 45 more kiosks in various locations?

Currently, we have partnered with 16 premium brands, and partnerships with more premium brands, mostly international brands, are in the pipeline.

What are some of the most loved features of Trupik Connect?

The virtual trial room on the mobile that gives the perfect option of draping the garment on the 3D image appearing as per the specifications given by the user. The look and feel for different sizes are shown, making it clear for a choice. Also, the option to upsell and suggestions of a matching garment makes it all the more alluring. Trupik also gives incredible options to recommend garments and outfits to friends as well as share your own look with friends.  On the marketing front, the simplest navigation and user-friendly browsing features are available so as to pick one's garments of choice. From a consumer perspective, a fashion advisor who can interact on behalf of the brands in a non-intrusive feature.

Are you planning to add any new features to this mobile application in the near future?

We will be extending the current platform to enable social shopping. For example, you can recommend garments to your friends, and your friends will be able to see how they look in the recommended garments. Also, multiple people will be able shop simultaneously, just the way they shop in the real world. Each one will be able to see the garments being tried out by their friends, in real time, and be able to provide suggestions and comments. Also, we will be extending our product offerings to accessories, shoes and cosmetics, in addition to launching women's apparel.

Are you working on any other technical/mobile solutions to enhance the shopping experience?

Fundamentally, Trupik understands not only what the consumer is buying or when he/she is buying, but our technology also understands why a particular consumer makes a certain choice. We understand the reasons for your shopping behaviour based on your body information. This will enable us to help consumers more effectively by providing appropriate fashion recommendations based on his/her true fashion needs, rather than promote products based on price point or popularity. This will enable us to create automated personalised fashion advisors for each and every consumer and bring the best of the fashion products to suit their individual needs.

Are there any costs involved in the implementation of this software?

This software is completely free of cost to consumers.

Is there anything else that you would like us to know about your product, kiosks or future projects?

Trupik is a promise to the world is that "If there is any fashion product that consumers want to try, they can use our technology to make informed choices, not because of the price point or brand value or access to products, but simply because we enable consumers to conveniently visualise themselves with their selected products on their bodies to make a choice to buy with freedom" to satisfy their true fashion needs.
Published on: 24/10/2016

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