Interview with Dr. Geoffrey Scott

Dr. Geoffrey Scott
Dr. Geoffrey Scott
Uster Technologies AG
Uster Technologies AG

We will have to cope with new textile developments, with just in time requirements and
Uster Technologies, the world’s market leader in textile quality controlling, provides systems and services that enable the textile industry to manufacture optimum quality and competitive products “from fiber to fabric”. We have a long history as the Leader in textile electronics. For more than 60 years, our testing and monitoring solutions have enabled the production of high quality yarns and fabrics.

Can you explain in brief about Uster Technologies and its 60 glorious years of global existence?

Our proud heritage dates back to 1944 when the large local textile industry contacted the Zellweger Uster Company for help to improve the quality of yarns. The response of USTER was the development of the first yarn evenness tester. Since then, the company has introduced a steady stream of new, market-leading testing and monitoring systems for the worldwide textile industry, covering a variety of testing requirements from fiber to yarn. The beginning of 2003 was an important milestone for USTER: USTER Managers together with financial investors acquired Zellweger Uster and Zellweger Uster, to became Uster Technologies AG. A new company continuing the tradition of standards, leadership and innovation for the textile industry was born. We set the standards for quality control in the global textile industry. USTER provides the benchmarks that are the basis for the trading of textile products at assured levels of quality across global markets. We have emerged as a highly flexible and efficient company, maintaining our position as a respected and trusted partner to the industry, as the leader in quality monitoring systems.

Could you spell out some of the features that have propelled USTER to achieve global leadership?

60 years of experience and success - this not only gives us our strong position as worldwide leader in textile electronics, but also the creation of the USTER trademark, which is unique in the textile industry. USTER stands for innovative total solutions within the textile chain and has established itself worldwide as the standard in quality control and monitoring. Long-term investments in research and development have contributed considerably to this success, ensuring the availability to our customers of measuring and monitoring systems that are robust, accurate and reliable, essential requirements for monitoring and optimizing quality in textile products. Our staff, many of whom are acknowledged experts, possess a great potential of ideas, knowledge and ability.

What has been the market scenario of your segment - textile processing; pre and post expiry of textile quotas?

Within the textile industry there was and still is, a clear move towards Asia. 80% of our actual market is concentrated to China, India, Pakistan and Turkey. One very stable and strong business relation is our relation to the Cotton Classing Offices in the United States, Uzbekistan and also in China. We just recently announced the purchase of 40 USTER HVI CLASSING systems for the 2005 cotton season to the USDA and confirmed that the Fiber Inspection Bureau of China is planning to extend its operation by purchasing a substantial number of USTER HVI CLASSING units for this year's cotton season.

What are your strategies to consolidate and further enhance USTER worldwide?

Uster Technologies AG is building-up its worldwide presence and established its own manufacturing, and development centre in China. Furthermore, we recently announced the opening of the new service and sales centre in Istanbul Turkey. USTER will also improve the awareness of the USTERIZED concept - A system for quality management in the textile supply chain from the Quality Management Experts.

What exactly is the concept behind making of the successful USTERIZED brand?

For producers of quality textile products, USTER makes a difference. Textiles tested, cleared or inspected with USTER products are more valuable, and can achieve a higher market price. USTERIZED stands for defined and certified quality within the textile chain. Spinning mills can produce more consistent yarn quality and reduce cost of quality, dramatically. Weavers, knitters and companies within finishing and making-up, benefit from a reduction of production problems in subsequent processes. The Retailer gets access to suppliers producing yarn of consistent quality at reasonable costs (price-performance ratio). And last but not least, the end-user. The end-user buys apparels in the right quality for the right price. He or she buys USTERIZED branded products.

Could you list out the innovative practices and processes your company follows in order to stay ahead of competition?

Today, many producers don't even know who their customers are. To assure the right level and consistency of quality in the supply chain is a major challenge. A Quality Management System guarantees the correct level of quality testing which is of enormous importance. Each and every production process requires a 100 percent check of the final product. USTER has been a leader in providing tools and services, not only to create quality cost consciousness but also to reduce these costs. USTERIZED is THE system for quality management in the textile supply chain. At ITMA ASIA in Singapore, Uster Technologies AG will present the latest product innovations within the system for quality management in the textile supply chain.
Published on: 08/08/2005

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