Interview with Suresh Mutreja

Suresh Mutreja
Suresh Mutreja
Managing Director
Valson India
Valson India

We have more than 45,000 shade banks
Valson India, a leading manufacturer of polyester yarn, is planning expansion into the Turkish market. Suresh Mutreja, managing director of Valson India, talks about expansion plans in an exclusive interview with

What is its USP of the new product launch in Turkey? What are your strategies to capture the Turkish market?

Because of a change in the prices of raw materials like crude oil and rising prices of cotton, we see a huge potential in the Turkish market for yarn applications in the carpet industry. We recently introduced Micro Bright, a twisted polyester yarn. We supply yarn of 330 denier, 450 denier and 1200 denier, and look forward to developing new products. We are a known brand in India, and look forward to creating the same brand internationally. We have more than 35,000 shades and can supply a single lot of 1,000 kg. We have in-house facilities for house texturing, twisting and dyeing units. That makes us very price-competitive.

Where would the manufacturing of this product take place?

We manufacture all our products in Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Vapi, Gujarat.

Who are your potential competitors?

Our competitors are corporate companies with duty concessions in Turkey.

What sustainability initiatives do you plan to take up in Turkey?

We are planning to visit Turkey by the end of the month, and are looking forward to creating partners in Turkey to help us in the follow-up and services to customers.

What is the budget allocated towards R&D? Please indicate some research coming out of your R&D stables.

Investment and R&D is a part of our ethos. We spend around 2-3 per cent of our turnover in developing new shades and products to serve our customers. We have more than 45,000 shade banks. We specialise in can-dye polyester, cotton, wool, spun polyester, polyester cotton, lycra and various other yarn. We are always ready to develop a new product.
Published on: 26/10/2015

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