Interview with Mr Harminder Sahni

Mr Harminder Sahni
Mr Harminder Sahni
Founder & MD
Wazir Advisors
Wazir Advisors

Amongst entire value chain for textile & clothing and allied industries (technical textiles), which segment is to grow strong in India?

I think both will grow really fast in next 20 to 30 years. However, the base of allied industries being small the % age growth would be higher while the apparel segment will be largest in absolute numbers.

‘Consultation’- some years ago was an outsourced activity for Indian companies. Over the recent years India is getting competent on this front too and companies like yours has a big role to play. Isn’t it?

Yes, you are right about this as most of the consulting firms were of international origin and the advice offered was generally alien to Indian companies, as the context wasn’t relevant. However, in the last 10 years, few Indian consulting firms have emerged and my belief is that in next 20 years, few Indian consulting firms will appear in the list of top 20 consulting firms in the world.

In the story, two years ago, Recession started playing villain for economy world over. Are things limping back to recovery?

The last financial crisis was of unbelievable level and had implications on every aspect of business around the world. No country, economy or business segment was left untouched. It impacted the consumption to the extent that major economies started shrinking. The good news is that the consumption is coming back and businesses are starting to hire and invest. I hope that 2011 will be the year of recovery overall.

Will there be onset of some new hybrid financial instruments that have led to recession in first place?

I am not an expert on financial instruments or even macro economics, but I am confident that the financial wiz kids will come up with something more innovative and creative, and world will continue to go through these cycles of boom and bust. The issue is not how to avoid the crisis from happening; the challenge is to recover quickly with least possible damage.

What shall be trends in growth of T&C companies –organic or inorganic?

In India, the trend will be mainly organic as we need lot more new capacities to come up for serving the growing demand. For Inorganic growth, there have be enough possibilities of acquisitions that I don’t see as of now. Most of the Indian textile companies have their own growth plans and aren’t looking at either buying others or selling their businesses. Inorganic options will emerge in a major way only in next 10 to 15 years.


Published on: 10/01/2011

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