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Syed Nurul Islam
Syed Nurul Islam
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Bangladesh textile industry can be brought on the top wining track, if the government and other individuals take serious actions in removing or normalizing the above mentioned hurdles. Do you agree? What are the reasons?

Yes. I do agree that the Bangladesh textile industry can be brought on the top winning track if the government and other individuals take serious actions in removing or normalizing the above hurdles. Because our entrepreneurs are smart, hard working, innovative and top of all, we have a disciplined work force. We have a disciplined and efficient work force at competitive costs and we have a strong group of private entrepreneurs.

Do you think that ready made garment industry in Bangladesh needs to improve its image in order to maintain long-term prosperity? Can you elaborate your answer?

I do not think that our ready made garments sector is in a major crisis; what we have to do is to promote our capability.

The Bangladesh textile wages fell more than 2 percent from 2001 to 2011 where as it rose by 125 percent in China. What will be the impact of it on the countries' textile and apparel sector?

I am not clear about this question. According to my knowledge, our wages increased by 150 percentage in last few years.

Recently, the government of Uzbekistan has invited Bangladeshi entrepreneurs to invest in the country's textile sector. How will it improve the trade relation between the two countries?

I am not sure if the Uzbek proposal will work well, as we have a conservative forex policy. Due to restrictions in taking the capital abroad, limited private entrepreneurs will respond to the Uzbek proposal. Personally, I am not in favour of going broad for investing as we have lots of investment opportunities at home. But definitely, it will help to strengthen the trade relationship between the two countries.

Several apparel firms around the world are relocating themselves to Bangladesh due to trade incentives available to the country and the low production cost. Do you agree? How do you think will it benefit the growth of textile and apparel sector in the country?

Yes, that is true. But it is not only because of incentives and low wages. The most important fact is that we have a very good, disciplined and efficient workforce. This will greatly benefit the overall growth of textile sector in the country.

Finally, how do you look at the prospects of Bangladesh textile industry in the next five years?

Due to significant development in our power and gas industry, as well as road communication, and on top of all our efficient workers, I am confident about the growth of our textile industry. If everything goes well, especially if we can avoid political unrest, I am sure our clothing industry will grow and we will achieve our goal to become the largest garment manufacturing country of the world in the coming 5 years.
Published on: 21/07/2014

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