Interview with Jorge A Machado

Jorge A Machado
Jorge A Machado
Co-founder and CEO
Wise Protec
Wise Protec

A product far superior to surgical and N95 masks
By combining a variety of the latest innovative technologies, Wise Protec has created and launched the best social mask available in the market. Its unique fabrics are impregnated with special antimicrobial agents that provide a safe and extremely powerful protection from viruses, bacteria and fungi. Co-founder and CEO Jorge A Machado speaks about the unique mask.

Today, many companies are making masks due to the pandemic. What were the key features you kept in mind while making the masks? How was the fabric, design, etc, chosen?

Safety first. We knew that we had an antiviral technology from projects developed for healthcare in the past years. So, we just needed to wrap it in a package that provided the highest level of protection, comfort and safety for the consumer.

Where are the masks made? Where are your manufacturing facilities located?

Masks are manufactured in some of the best plants in the EU, chosen because they are the most compliant in terms of social compliance and sustainability practices. Today, we can even measure CO2 emissions from our mask manufacturing.

What is your production capacity of the masks per month?

We have an installed capacity of 2 million masks per month.

How are your masks different from surgical masks and N95s—both technology and quality-wise?

We offer similar performance to a Type IIR mask, with >98% BFE, splash resistance and all other EN 14683 requirements. On top of that we add our antiviral technology, able to neutralise 99.9% of SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes covid-19, moisture management properties and the assurance that our masks maintain the same performance even after 50 washes and you have a product that is far superior to a regular surgical mask and N95.

Who are your target customers? Can the masks be worn by healthcare and front-line support professionals or is it only for general public use?

Our masks are compliant with all medical device regulations and used in countless hospitals and healthcare units all across Europe. The general public can acquire exactly the same mask as healthcare units.

What channels have you developed to sell your masks? How is the advertising being done to grab more eyeballs?

We are selling masks to the general public via e-commerce platforms and our retail partners, as well as to large companies which want to give antiviral masks to their teams. We advertise through several mediums to create awareness about the importance of mask wearing as well as to help consumers choose a high-quality face mask when looking for one. We recently launched a very successful campaign in the UK that can be seen here

How many masks have been sold so far? Which are your major export destinations?

We have sold enough masks to generate a very positive impact across several geographies. Currently, our main markets are the United Kingdom and Spain, but we are seeing significant growth in several of the other counties we are exporting to.

What has been the initial response from the consumers?

Consumers tend to enjoy the mask as it allows for very high breathability and most models have a very pleasant scent. The safety benefits also help them feel more relaxed in any scenario they face. Our wellbeing masks have benefits that consumers recognise as unique.

Wise Protec masks virtually self-sterilise in an hour? Please explain.

The antimicrobial technology works round the clock to eliminate any germ that falls on the mask surface. Our testing indicates that after one hour, 99.99 per cent of bacteria and viruses we tested against are eliminated thus rendering the mask extremely safe.

Is there any special care that should be taken while wearing the mask or while washing it?

Not really. They are very resistant. We want clients to have a big return on their investment and we over engineer our products so they can withstand virtually any condition they face.

How should the masks be disposed of? Are they biodegradable?

Masks should be disposed of according to local regulations and recommendations. Our products are not biodegradable, but components can be re-used. We are starting pilot projects to collect used masks and transform them into new ones. All non-essential components are also either recycled or able to be recycled.

A very common problem encountered is the fogging of glasses while wearing a mask. Do your masks take care of the same?

That is a common problem for masks. We have tackled that by a combination of smart design and a moisture management technology used on the inner layer of our mask that helps not only to alleviate moisture but also provides a very pleasant experience for the user.

Will you be adding some more features to the mask anytime soon?

Not in the foreseeable future. Our masks are extremely capable at the moment, and our range is already wider than anything else available in the market. We are expanding into other product categories like antiviral phone covers, bags, caps and other accessories.

Children are often not comfortable with wearing masks, that too for long hours or have other psychological issues of not wearing one. Have you kept this in mind while making your kids’ masks? What features do they promise?

Kids masks are similar to the adults' version in their safety profile but with brighter colours for them to feel good while using them. Our experience is that children end up enjoying our mask due to its breathability performance and futuristic look.
Published on: 19/11/2020

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