Interview with Mr Cem Celikoglu

Mr Cem Celikoglu
Mr Cem Celikoglu
Yunsa (Sabanci Group)
Yunsa (Sabanci Group)

..the volume of the global wool fabric market is annually around $1.7 bn (high category), and 44% of the total is produced in Italy.
Headquartered in Turkey, Yunsa was incorporated in 1973 as a worsted wool fabric producing subsidiary of giant Sabanci Group of companies. Yunsa is Europe’s largest worsted wool fabric producer and exporter.The company outstands with its high quality products, innovative approach, sales & operational excellence and flexibility in production. Principal export markets include the more than 60 European, North American and far Eastern countries. Yunsa is playing a trend creator role by leading woolen & worsted fabric producer of Menswear, Ladieswear, Upholstery Fabrics, and Corporatewear. Mr Cem Celikoglu, born in 1962 is a graduate from Middle Eastern Technical University Faculty of Administrative Sciences, International Relations Department. He has been working with Yünsa since 1987 and was appointed as general manager of the company on 2002. In Face2Face this week, Ms Madhu Soni- Sr Editor & Correspondent, interviews Mr Cem Celikoglu who points up movements in worsted fabrics market globally.

Mr Celikoglu welcome on Face2Face talk. Your parent group Sabanci owns a high recognition in the corporate world. How Yunsa does contribute to Sabanci’s glory on textile front?

Yunsa is privileged to be part of the world renowned Sabanci Group which is involved in many areas. Being Turkey's and Europe's largest worsted wool fabric producer/exporter, we believe that Yunsa successfully contributes to Sabanci’s glory on textile front.

So, as a top five producer of worsted fabrics, what are Yunsa’s readings on current movements in worsted fabrics market worldwide? Size-wise how big this market is, and which countries are top producers?

The wool fabric industry is relatively smaller than to cotton and clothing industry The volume of the global wool fabric market is annually around $1.7 billion (high category), and 44 percent of the total is produced in Italy. As Yunsa we have an annual production capacity of 12,000 km of fabric and 3,600 tons of worsted yarn.

We believe meeting the high quality standards and developing value added products will be even more vital for the near future. And that is why we say R&D will be the most important focus for us in 2011 and the next coming years. Launched in 2010, Yünsa R&D Center already stands out with innovative activities and in-progress projects. The center currently employs 59 R&D staff members and carries out 25 R&D projects; six are supported by the public sector. The objective of the Yünsa R&D department is not only to develop new products that will lead in the industry but also to develop new processes which will help us to reduce the costs and increase the efficiency.

Wool being mainstay fibre for your fabrics, how are the current movements in the sector affecting business of your kind?

We believe that the increase in raw material prices will continue to make profound effect on the entire industry in 2011. Wool prices are expected to remain high throughout the year and of course, we are directly affected by this situation.

Aiming to minimize the effects of this increase on our customers, Yünsa provides a variety of tailor-made solutions. We offer customized solutions according to needs of our clients, including different blending alternatives.

Corporate wear sector is dressing out conventional attributes. How would you comment on this?

The uniforms are one of the most important tools that companies can communicate its brand. Therefore, it is such an important choice for brands. Of course, the needs and preferences depend on the sector but using the right fabric considering the needs of the sector is very crucial. Nowadays, making cooperation with famous designers is an uprising trend in corporate wear sector and this brings excellence to the sector.

Sabanci Group is upbeat on carving its philanthropist identity as a corporate figure. How is Yunsa giving shoulder to this campaign?

Yünsa has adopted the innovative and sustainable environmental approach in its all operations.We manage our operations at each step of our development with an eye to their impacts on the environment. We have taken all necessary precautions in order to minimize our negative impact on environment.

Another important focus of us is reduction of natural resources consumption. In 2010, we continued to develop new processes to reduce water and energy consumption.

In addition, the Hohenstein Institute in Germany has licensed our operation with the Oeko-Tex 100, which certifies that Yünsa’s products are not hazardous to health or the environment.


Published on: 14/03/2011

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